Joshua Tree

Oct 22 1987
Champaign, IL, US / University Assembly Hall
with The BoDeans
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Amazing Joshua Tree show at a college to
I was at this show in 1987. It was amazing - and the band seemed to notice it was a college town making several references to that during the show. During "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" the band actually noticed the audience singing along so loudly that they stopped playing in the middle of the song, and just marvelled at the audience singing the chorus LOUDLY - then finished the song. Bono commented before continuing the song "Man - we are for sure coming back here" to ecstatic cheers from the audience. The local campus newspaper reported the next day that after the show that U2 was overnighting at the University Inn, the local hotel near campus of the University of Illinois, and they wrapped themselves in sheets to disguise themselves, and walked over to a sorority at midnight. The girls came down squealing with delight in their PJ's and nighties, with cameras in hand. The cover of the newspaper was Bono sitting at a piano with a sorority girl in PJ's hugging him. The story said Bono sat down at the piano in the sorority house and played a tune for the girls. I think the band was on a high from the performance (with the audience participating as much as they did) and couldn't go to sleep, so they went out walking the campus. I've been to hundreds of concerts since, but this probably was the most memorable concert experience of my lifetime. I've even been to U2 shows since, and they were good, but this one stands out as a unique experience in my life.
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