Joshua Tree

Nov 15 1987
Oakland, CA, US / Oakland Coliseum Stadium
with The BoDeans, The Pretenders
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Tour Shirt
Wish I could fit in this ...
I don't remember what songs were played or any special events. However, I do remember getting almost to the very front. At some point we were so packed that our feet were no longer even touching the ground. Being forced to sway with the crowd, feet suspended was a surreal experience. I went to this concert with my son's dad who has since unexpectedly passed away. I have been waiting and waiting for U2 to come to Oakland so that we could go together to share an experience shared 20+ years earlier by his father an I. My thoughts are with Bono for a speedy recovery, but I can't help but be very, very saddened that the concert has been postponed and could possibly be cancelled!
Opening Act
The Bodeans were the opening act. The funny thing was, there were rumors going around that it was U2 in disguise. The Pretenders were fine, but I recall Chrissie Hynde saying "Bono told us to sing an encore!" and we yelled back, "Don't listen to him!" We were definitely ready to get on to the main event.
Controvery over spray paint
By this time, U2 was all over the place. Joshua Tree was rotataing non-stop on every station. Oakland Stadium was huge! Day on the green with the Pretenders and ?? opening. Show was great but stadium seats left you feeing removed. The band hand done a free concert the day before in downtown SF and Bono spraypainted a statue. Huge controvery - Bono was fined. Coolest thing was, they found the sculptor and invited him on their set to spraypaint their set while they played. Remember calling local radio station to defend Bono's actions. My mom saw the live concert and didn't even call me to tell me they were downtown :( Good show but smaller venues better.
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