Joshua Tree

Nov 22 1987
Austin, TX, US / Frank Erwin Center
with The BoDeans
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Edge, me, and Bono - People Get Ready
Alternate shot with Edge checking to make sure I could actually play after Bono showed me the chords
People Get Ready
A night I will never forget. I had seen the band several times before (including the June 16 Cologne, Germany show where I got this sweatshirt), and I had heard Bono was sometimes bringing someone up on stage to play his guitar when they started this song. After beginning the song, he said "Anyone want to play my guitar? I know I’m going to find someone in Austin, Texas who knows these three magic chords.” I had second row center seats and made sure I was that person. I had told this big guy next to me to help hoist me up over the first row and security people when the time came, and it worked! Bono asked, "Can you play?" and I said yes and before I knew it was being helped up onstage. Once I got the chords down (you can see my right hand shaking and in a second picture that I will also try to post Edge came over to make sure I could play), Bono told me to walk around and play so I went entirely around the stage (his Telecaster had a wireless cable), and I remember him saying "Play that guitar! Only in Texas, Hallelujah!” I actually ended with a Pete Townshend windmill. After the song and applause, I shook everyone's hand and Bono asked me a few questions about myself and told the audience after I climbed back down: "He said his name is Scott and his ambition is to travel the world and meet people" (it was my first semester as an 18 year old freshman in college at UT-Austin so I had no plans yet but did enjoy travel). I also said I’d played in a band in high school called Trouble in Suburbia, and when Bono shared this with the audience he added “that’s the kind of trouble I like to be into myself” and that the next song was about that also: Bad. It was amazing. I kept the Dunlop pick (same kind the Edge uses) but should have gone backstage! Wasn’t thinking... Luckily, a guy named Patrick who owned Inner Sanctum records next to Les Amis Cafe on 24th St (both now gone, sadly) was taking pictures, and a girl next to me made a bootleg cassette recording so I even have audio of the whole thing, but I'd love video or a better recording if available! It also led to me getting a part-time job at Waterloo Records (the original location when it was still on the other side of the lake). Many years later, I took my two sons to the 30th anniversary Joshua Tree tour in Philadelphia in 2017. Thank you, Bono (and happy 60th!)--it would be great to have a beer with you guys the next time you're in Philly or Austin.
30 years ago
What a show! Still remember it like yesterday. Me and my girlfriend now wife went on the C101 bus from Corpus Christi. Tonight we will see them again along with my brother here in Houston. Seventh time will be a charm.
Epic night in Austin
First concert for my best friend and me, both freshmen in high school at the time. The story of getting the tickets in the first place is a long one (involving hanging out in the HEB for two full days listening to the radio for the "visa band" announcement), but we ended up on the 11th row and enjoyed the fans doing the wave around the Erwin Center as we waited for the band to come out (BoDeans were supporting, before anyone knew who they were). Obviously it was an epic show, but here were some highlights. Bono brought a guy up to play People Get Ready ("I know there's someone in Austin, Texas who knows these three magic chords"), someone who was in a band (obviously...this is Austin), and he did a great job. Bono also at some point asked if he could be the yellow rose of Texas, not having any idea what that meant. It was one of the few places on the tour where they did One Tree Hill, and I just remember that the ending was quite emotional. They also did Spanish Eyes, a B-side, which seemed to be a very improvised moment. There was also a story in the paper the next day (or maybe the day after) that the band went and played at a local bar that night after the show...I believe it was Antone's. Overall, an amazing introduction to U2 in concert for me and my buddy.
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