Oct 27 1989
Adelaide, SA, AU / Entertainment Center
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This was my first ever U2 concert, I was 12 years old and it was soooooooooooooooooooooo amazing!!!!! I still remember before they came onstage and 'All you Need is Love' was playing, the whole crowd was singing along. It was so exciting! When I heard the opening bars of 'Where The Streets Have No Name', the hairs on the back of me neck stood up (they still do) and the feeling of elation was just so amazing! BB King was brilliant opening up for them too. I remember my sister and I screaming our heads off when Bono did a mini striptease during 'God Part 2'. Just one thing though, it was at Memorial Drive not the Entertainment Centre.
Memorial Drive
Slight error guys. The concert was an outdoor concert at Memorial Drive Tennis Centre, not the Adelaide Ent Centre. This was my first ever U2 gig and wow, what a night. Bono slipped and fell off stage ironically during "I will follow". Streets was brilliant and still get the hairs on the back of my kneck rissing when thinking of the stage backing turining red.
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