Nov 11 1989
Auckland, NZ / Western Springs Stadium Auckland
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The best concert I've ever been to
I just realised now that this show was on the 11th November - my son (only 9mths old) was born on the 12th November. Anyway, I was 14 years old and this was my very first concert. I had grown up loving U2 with my brothers and sisters all loving them. You can never experience a concert the way you do when it's your first, and you're a teenager. But the crowd back then was amazing, too. I have always been one to be as close to the front as possible and to be amongst it all - I hate being a spectator. My friends didn't want to go into the crowd or go as far forward as we could, so I went on my own and it was incredible. I will never forget any of it. The red stage as the familiar figures walked on to it, Bono with his cowboy hat on. Or Adam Clayton walking down the strip to play his bass so close to where we were standing. But the biggest memory of all was when the band had said goodnight - and with everything I had we encored them back on I think twice - and I remember the smiling with the guy next to me because we were such fans that we wanted them to play again. The mood in the crowd was amazing like we were all friends together.
The sequel
Yes, I was a glutton and went to the concert with other friends for the second night. U2 by 2 far the only times I ave heard them. The songs were slightly different order but the resounding experience was the same. Wonderful music!!!! Remember helping some seriously short girl see a bit of concert by holding her on my shoulders... A great night of music!!!!
Auckland November 1989
Wow my first U2 concert was great. I had been waiting for this for years, U2 in New Zealand. I have no idea how we even got our tickets, probably my best friend. We were there together and it was a week out from my 25 birthday. I loved "when love comes to town" with BB King. I distinctly remember him onstage and that song playing out. Western Springs was packed. The concert finished with "40" my favourite song then (and still a special one) and the crowd kept singing after U2 had all left the stage just like the Red Rocks version. So amazing so special.
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