Dec 12 1989
Paris, FR / Palais Omnisports de Bercy
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Lovetown 12 December 1989
My sister Sev & Me were there . . . the 2nd night was Fantastic and better than the 1st One. U2 should Play again in BERCY ! (show them 5 times there...)
My 1st U2 Gig
The last song on the PA was The Beatles "All you need is love". I was filled with anticipation. The house lights went down and then the back of the stage began to glow red, brighter and brighter with lots of strobes flashing to the opening sounds of Edges guitar and "Streets" (still my favourite live now). , I was totally transfixed. The set list was amazing with the bonus of BB King and his band joining U2 for When Love Comes to Town. I haven't missed a tour since!
I gave everything I had that night and U2 filled me up ! It was unbelievable. BB king was fantastic and playing all together was more than a treat. I will never forget that show!
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