Dec 16 1989
Dortmund, DE / Westfalenhalle
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What a weekend !!!
My first U2 Concert. Now after 21 years i allways remember this weekend. Not just a weekend.....a crazy weekend We were a group of ten people starting at saturday morning with train from Stuttgart. So much fun at this day. We waited in front of the Westfallenhalle to be some of the first people inside..... The concert was great. Since this time i was on every tour. But for my favorite song i had to wait a little time longer..... Sunday Bloody Sunday 16 years later>>3.8.2005 Munich With the first train at sunday morning we leaved Dortmund after a night with pubs and discotheques and fun with many other U2 Fans. We were so happy when we called our coach fron Stuttgart and he said that the football game is canceled because of a lot of new snow at this day. At every concert i remember this great event.
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