Dec 30 1989
Dublin, Dublin, IE / Point Depot
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Dec 30th - Awakening
This was the show that gave my 15 year old self a musical awakening as well as the a world awakening. The power of the music, the immensity of how that room was filled by 4 guys (and their lighting and sound team :-) was huge. Made me a musician, made me believe in the possibility of things and kept me coming back to U2 for years. Just saw them in the same venue (now 3 Arena) on Tues 24/11 - it seems like your mates are back playing down the local. Love these guys.
It was twenty (five) years ago today, t
2nd U2 gig (1st was Murrayfield Edinburgh 1987).Brilliant gig. 25 yrs ago tonight and still remember it like it was yesterday. Had wanted to play the drums since I was a wee boy, playing along to Stewart Copeland on The Police album Regatta De Blanc. Seeing Larry Mullen knocking seven shades of the proverbial out of his drum kit was a cathartic moment for me that made me think " I wanna do that !!! ". Still playing to this day semi-professionally. So thanks Larry, & thanks to U2 for a great gig. Can't wait for Glasgow Hydro shows in 2015. Get well soon Bono, & God speed !!.
Incredible show
I was at this show, I've even posted a great audio recording on You Tube. U2 when asked what was their best night of the four, they unanimously chose the December 30 show as the best. Classic U2 performance.
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