Jan 6 1990
Rotterdam, NL / Sport Paleis Ahoy
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Rescheduled concert december 19, 1989.
When Bono lost his voice on december 18, 1989, the concert I supposed to participate, december 19 was rescheduled to january 6, 1990 Ahoy Rotterdam. I never forget the first tunes of the Edge at the start of Streets. Amazing performance of the unforggettable fire.
martin van der veen
Rescheduled concert
I was one of the lucky bastards that visited the show on december 18th 1989 at the RAI an Amsterdam. Due to the fact that this show in Amsterdam came to an early ending because of problems with Bono's voice I got a chance to visit this rescheduled, extra concert after the famous new years eve concert at the Point Depot in Dublin.
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