Mar 10 1992
Philadelphia, PA, US / The Spectrum
with The Pixies
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Great, memorable concert
This was the second U2 concert that I went to, the first being during The Joshua Tree. My best friend and I had nosebleed seats at the Spectrum, but they were great because we could see the entire stage. The Trabants hanging from the ceiling, the fantastic music, the video screens, and the overall craziness! This concert still sticks in my mind as the best I've ever attended. I've seen U2 on every U.S. tour since the original Joshua Tree and am always impressed.
Jim C
The Miracle
I was about 17 years of age when I went to this show, my first U2 concert. I've seen them many times since but this will always be my most memorable. I turned 40 this year and I'm very grateful for having U2 in my life and the global community of which shares this amazing gift we have been granted in our lifetime.
What a Night!
My best friend and I (both die hard U2 fans) were able to get 1st level seats. We were excited that they weren't nose bleeds like our 1st concert during the Joshua Tree tour! The show was simply amazing. From the Trabants hanging from the ceiling to the belly dancers on stage, it was an unforgettable evening. I haven't missed a show since the Joshua Tree Tour and never plan to!!!!
Great show and great opening act
I got on the phone with ticketmaster 10 minutes before the concert went on sale and kept asking about other shows in order to stall. After the fourth time the lady said "Are you just waiting for U2 tickets?" and I said "um....yes.." and she said "Hold on" and when it hit 10 am she said "2 tickets for U2" and I said "Thank you!" A religious experience that night. Was 24 rows from the stage on the floor with my buddy Noel, an Irishman from Limerick. The Pixies were the opening act and they were tremendous. Then U2 comes out to all this crazy staging and Bono doing his one legged hops to the strains of Zoo Station. I thought how gutsy they were to play what seemed like 40 minutes of material from nothing but the new album--but given that it remains my favorite album even today, they knew what they were doing. And I loved the Trabants as lighting fixtures! I've seen them many times since, but this remains my favorite show.
First U2 concert
It was inside in a fairly small venue. The sound was incredible! The concrete floors vibrated with Adams' bass. Even though we were behind the stage, it set me up to buy tickets every time the band came to the east coast. It wasn't until the 360 tour that I realised I could get great seats by joining U2.com. Had I known....... Now I have pretty good seats for the Philly show.
Remember it always
As a seven year old little girl in the early 1990's most girls wanted tickets to go see New Kids on the block. Not me. For my birthday all I wanted was to see you guys.I remember the show so clearly and how exciting it was. You guys rocked then and you rock now! Can't wait to see in July.
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