Mar 31 1992
Chicago, IL, US / Rosemount Horizon
with The Pixies
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Video footage please!
This was my first U2 concert... I was 14 and looking for any footage. I was on Zoo TV and just wondering how to find video of the show.
The First U2 Concert
This was my first U2 concert, what a phenomenonal tour! I'd been a solid fan since Joshua Tree, but unable to see them since I had my first born son in 1985. Looking back, wow, I was too young too be raising a child and should have seen those shows! My next show was later that same summer, a concert I can never forget! I haven't missed a tour since AND have brought that first born son to the last four tours. This summer, bringing my other two children, see you in Chicago!!
My First U2 Show
This was my first U2 show. My senior year of high school. I had bad seats behind the stage but once the lights went down it did'nt matter. Finally after years of waiting I got to see my rock n roll heros live. Zoo Station, Even Better Than The Real Thing, The Fly. Right out of the gate with the Actung Baby tunes. Keep in mind this was the new leather clad U2. I was surprised to see this new live version of the band yet it was awsome. The visuals were amazing. Highlight of the night was getting to see my favorite rock n roll song ever live. Where the streets have no name. As soon as the red lights came on we knew what was coming. What a way to end the set before the first encore. Overall still to this day one of my favorite concerts ever. This show was the same year as Peter Gabriels Secret World. I seen two great shows in a great old venue. Since this show I have not missed a U2 Tour in Chicago.
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