May 12 1992
La USAnne, CH / Patinoire de Malley
with Fatima Mansions
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The first
I'd already been listening to U2 for ten years and this was my 1st concert. Magical, incredible, a memory that will stay with me forever.
Noisy motherfuckers
"You noisy motherfuckers!", said Bono with a smile on his face. I've seen U2 several times since that night in Lausanne, Switzerland. Yes, Cardiff, Paris, London or Zurich were amazing. But nothing to compare to the fervour, the passion and the fury of those 11'000 people and 4 irish guys who became as one, just for one day in 1992. Thany you so much, my dear U2, I love you 4 ever.
Magic Concert
Magnificent concert, the group was close to the public as the current tour. Fan since 1989, I have been fortunate to travel the world to admire U2 on stage. Thank you Bono, The Edge, Adam, Larry for the joy that you offer your audience :) Thank you for Turin 2015, 2 magical dates
Incroyable souvenir
J'ai eu la chance d'être dans la zone VIP pour ce concert incroyable. Après ce concert je suis devenu fan
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