Jun 18 1992
Glasgow, Scotland, GB / Scottish Exhibition Centre
with Fatima Mansions
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First U2 Gig
Morning ev'rybody, My first time seeing U2 live and WOW!!!! Went with my cousins who got me into the band I was 17 at the time. Seen the band 13/14 times since then. Can't wait to see and hear the new album when it's out. Love and Peace Neil.
my first U2 concert
I queued over night for tickets and was lucky enough to be inside the SECC undercover. I had forgotten to bring my medication for my epilepsy and had a seizure the following day but it was worth it. I remember the buzz I got just from holding the tickets in my hand. On the day of the concert I had just been to buy a t-shirt and was walking back to my place in line when Larry and Adam drove by. Larry blew a kiss at me and a couple of other girls. I didn't know them but at that moment we were united in joy. Be still my beating heart. As for the show it was fantastic. I too remember the Fatima Mansions they were really bad.
the first time
my first ever U2 show and what a show it was.still my favourite show after all these years.loved the intimacy of it and the stage design was electric and so new.
Near Miss!
Got through to ticket agency for tickets and he actually counted down to me as the tickets sold out and guess what I didn't get any!! Managed to win 2 tickets on Real Radio by singing 'One'. Great show once again, but spoiled by the a##holes throwing pints of beer over the crowd. Much prefer the stadium gigs, but it was great to be up close!
Classic Memory
The first of many U2 gigs. Had seats but wanted to be out on the pitch absorbing the moment, so two weeks later I traveled to Ireland to see them again in Cork.... out on the field. Do you remember those big U2 heads?
start of it all
fantastic first u2 gig, i remember the opening chords of zoo station and the crowd going ballitic. they showed the full time score of scotland beating CIS 3-0. A LONG time ago. Pud, if you ever read this mate, thanks for the ticket and being the only one of us who could afford the subscription to Propaganda.
The beginning
My first gig also. cblowe is right, Fatima Mansions were absolutely SHITE!! Covers of "Stand by me" and "Dancing Queen" were amazin! "With or without you" and "Love is Blindness"...a tear to a glass eye!! Fantastic stuff.
My first U2 gig
This was my first U2 gig and looking back it was really intimate considering all the stadium gigs I've seen since. The support act was really rubbish, I mean really rubbish! I think they were called The Fatima Mansions, they were so bad that they got booed off! The gig was great, with Bono doing his Fly stuff. I think it was also the night of a Scotland international and they showed a goal that we had scored - amazing, we had scored a goal! I remember one of my pals had taken a picture of the belly dancer in Mysterious Ways which we had framed and gave to one of the guys for his birthday! The first of many gigs for me.
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