Aug 29 1992
New York, NY, US / Yankee Stadium
with Primus, Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy
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Wise men say
Had just turned 19 & this was my 1st U2 concert and i was on a date with this guy Larry that I had been dating and his friends- all big U2 fans. Larry knew that my wedding song- whenever I got married- was going to be "i Can't help falling in Love with you" by Elvis. Bono ends the night singing it acapela and i am standing there breathless. it was the most beautiful thing i ever heard. My date Larry turns to me & says i will have Bono sing that at our wedding. Well we did get married in 1997 ( right after seeing the PopMart Tour) and we danced to the song. Bono i am still holding out for a live version. Larry and I have been 2gether almost 18years now & we have 2 kids and have been following U2 through our whole relationship! Can't wait to see you in Tampa where our 10 year old daughter is coming to see her first concert!! I Can't Help Falling in Love With U2!! Love Tara
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