Sep 18 1992
Chicago, IL, US / World Music Amphitheater
with Big Audio Dynamite II, Public Enemy
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Oh my goodness...this show
Holy moly! I got stuck outside this venue for 2 hours as traffic curled slightly past the outdoor structure a mile and a half as we exited slowly and did a u-turn back towards the place. Traffic freakin sucked leaving Chicago! Sheeeeeit. In the meantime I missed Big Audio Dynamite. BAD was my first concert ever as an 8th grader at the Riv in Chicago. We rolled through listening to the bass from the place dying to just part the damn car already and get to our seats. By the time we got off the expressway and back towards the venue I could only assume Public Enemy was jamming to the beats..fight the power. Anyway my bro and I arrived to our floor sets just as the smoke came out of the machines and Zoo station took over. Such a dope show. Exiting at 10:30 sucked equally. Worst venue ever!
2nd U2 Concert
I saw U2 earlier in the spring at an indoor venue. This one blew everyone away! Outdoors in the late summer on a raucous Friday night, Zoo TV, it doesn't get much better!
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