Sep 23 1992
Columbia, SC, US / Williams Brice Stadium
with Big Audio Dynamite II, Public Enemy
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Southeyes first U 2Concert
This concert was fantastic. It was wet and little nippy outside, It stopped raining just before U2 came on stage. The stage was set, and the Band put on a great show. Bono really out did himself on the stage singing and Edge and larry and Adam did the same. It was one to remember.. Thanks U2 for the memories....!!!!!!!!
Rainy Night
It was a rainy day. It rained thru Public Enemy. By the way Public Enemy rocked the joint. Good energy, good set. I remember it getting real cold before U2 took the stage, the rain broke and it was a cold night. The show to this day was fast, I mean it was a standard Zoo TV set, but they really rushed the show. Highlights: Running to Stand Still, just beautiful on this tour. WOWY, Shine Like Stars snippet, Wow, loved that. Lowlight: No Ultra Violet or Bad.
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