Oct 31 1992
Los angeles, CA, US / Dodger Stadium
with The Sugarcubes, Public Enemy
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We were pretty close to field level, i remember after the show running onto the field and running around the bases, i slide into home and smashed my face into home plate, bled all the way home
Gorilla head
Propaganda and we were on the front row again! Andy wore his Gorilla head! I especially remember the booths out by the beer stands where you would go in and make a confession. I want the days of PopMart and Acthung Baby back! And Joshua Tree. Some of the best times ever. Remember when there were actually folding chairs on the floor? And nobody ever sat down!
Halloween with U2 at Dodgers Stadium
Being a big Dodgers fan and a U2 fan and Halloween night... what a show!!! Just as we did for the Sports Arena show, my bro and I made our way to this show too. We sat on the third base side in the club section at the railing. Very cool! I remember the Sugarcubes opening (they sang their big song at the time "Hit"), Public Enemy, then U2. Bono came out on stage with a Freddy glove on for "Zoo Station". They tuned in Elvira on the big screens. They sang Happy Birthday to Larry with a big birthday cake. They brought out the two major songs from War this time around and closed with a Bono solo "Can't Help Falling In Love". It was a VERY festive evening indeed!
halloween, happy birthday and the fly
The perfect night! Halloween, Larry's birthday and Bono and the Fly! An amazing night and my husband's (then boyfriend) first U2 concert. As we were driving in we were playing the ultimate U2 mix tape, also members from KROQ radio were passing out U2 condoms. However, what I remember most was Larry singing the Dublin folk song "Dirty Old Town" - a fabulous night!
My first U2 concert experience.
I recall going to see U2 for the first time on Oct. 31st 1992. I was 14 at the time and was totally blown away by what was the biggest concert event I'd been to at that point. The seats were waaay up in the nosebleed section of Dodger's Stadium but not quite the top tier. I recall quite clearly that someone threw up on us because I smelled something pretty foul drop on my jacket. I had told the people I was with that it smelled like someone might have ralphed on us but they assured me it was probably just beer. However, all was revelaed in the form of brown spots on our clothes as we made our way out to the parking lot. Regarding the concert itself, the opening acts were The Sugarcubes (with a very young Bijork) and Public Enemy. Since it was Halloween night, Bono made a "phone call" to Elvira. I also remember the "bono bucks" that blew out all over the stadium. I actually picked up several of them as I made my way out. Still have a couple actually. Wish I had photos but unfortunately, I don't recall bringing a camera. That was the first concert where I learned that the bootleg merch was a lot cheaper and cooler than the official stuff sold at the stands as I purchased several t-shirts and posters in the parking lot from "independent vendors". An amazing evening that I wish could've been documented a little better. However, I was at the concert at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena on Oct. 25th 2009 and am really glad to see that I can re-live that one thanks to the webcast. Both were definetely nights to remember. Jeff Celentano www.jeffsounds.net
HIGH Above the Crowd
Halloween at Dodger Stadium. Our seats were in the corner of the stadium, where HIGH and steep seating areas of the "Upper Reserved" sections leave you feeling quite ELEVATED. If it had been a baseball game, we would have had a side view, looking down into right field. Some of the worst seats. But the show was GREAT, really captivating. The dancer during "Mysterious Ways." The hilarious phone calls to the White House. And that great, loud music from "Achtung Baby" will always be unforgettable, especially live. I was with a friend, and we were enjoying the show, so she decided to roll a really fat one. Only problem was, it seemed the whole crowd of people around us had taken their eyes off of Bono, and were now frowning at us for having the audacity to do such a thing. At a rock concert! The horror! We hadn't even struck our lighter yet! You can imagine the looks we got when the flame appeared.
I was there!
Really bad nose bleed seats, horrible traffic, but it didn't matter once the show started. We all sang "Happy Birthday" to Larry. Saw some guy dressed up as "Where's Waldo" in the crowd. Guess I found him.
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