Nov 7 1992
Oakland, CA, US / Oakland Coliseum Stadium
with The Sugarcubes, Public Enemy
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Wow! Almost 28 Years Ago
This was such a great show. I was sixteen and absolutely mesmerized. I do remember GA getting a little rowdy, and for some reason turning into a bit of a mosh pit where we were. I locked arms with my friends, so we wouldn't lose one another. It seemed bit odd, but hey, it was the early 90's ;)
Third Time is Just as Charming
After seeing the Zoo TV tour twice indoors, I was prepared to be a bit disappointed by the outdoor broadcast. I was blown away a third time! The band was even tighter than I remember them being. The setlist was re-tooled enough to keep things lively. The show was big enough to fill a stadium, where it had crowded an arena. Public Enemy was an interesting opener, as I am not a fan of rap, but was impressed by their set.
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