May 11 1993
Rotterdam, NL / Feyenoord Stadium
with Claw Boys Claw
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VRIJ - What A Seat
So it's 26 years ago! But hey waht a night. Went to collect my tickets at the ticket window. They were bought for me by someone else and I saw the letters VRIJ on the ticket. I assumed this emant section V which was at the opposite end of the stadium to the stage! Bummer I thought until I was refused entry at section V and redirected to the next gate (or so I thought)...refused there and at each subsequent gate until I was directed to a staircase leading up!! As they tend to do.....although they also go down when you are at the top of the stairs! So anyway, top of the stairs reached and 2 bouncers give myself and my 2 peers a doubtful once over! They check our tickets....nod at each other and open the door. We step into an open Directors Box overlooking the catwalk that leads to the stage. A free bar and 3 Lazyboy Armchairs await us!! It was the best U2 experience ever.....what a show, what a crowd, what a view and the Band were none too shabby either! Zoo TV has always remained my favourite tour. It was the making of U2 and the most creative they have ever been. That siad Innocence & Experience have brought them into another league of creativity and sound. Glad I've stuck with them. Been to Boston, New York, San Jose, Oakland, Glasgow, Rotterdam, Paris and Dublin to see them.....worth every RED cent!
First U2 concert
What an experience! This was my first U2 concert, and a lot after these would follow in different countries. The special thing about it was, that I went with my dad to this concert, we are both fans! I always thought it would be great if I could take my child to a U2 concert. My boy is now 8 weeks old, so a bit too young :-). But he attended in Washington last June when he was still inside my belly, at least he "heard" U2 playing!
Confession Booth (He Koos hoe istie nou?
Show us footage of the confession booth sessions that were broadcast on the screen during the concert, would love to see it again.
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