Jul 9 1993
Naples, IT / Stadio San Paolo
with The Velvet Underground
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napoli 1992 by ange u2 forever
sensazioni indelebili la Musica degli U2 By ange mi fa stare bene Napoli 1992 Stadio San Paolo
Well, I coudn't forget that show! It was a fantastic surprise to see and to hear Velvet Underground with mytic Lou Reed! The I remember Ligabue and finally U2 with an amazing volume! Fantastic! At that time we followed the slow songs with the flames of lighters! Grazie infinite U2! I love you, Toti Accardo Palumbo
First Concert
The first concert I ever attended. The best show I experience..being to many other concerts since then. Love it! The other concert I went to was here in San Antonio, TX when I took my son and daughter for their birthdays for the PopMart Tour.
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