Aug 7 1993
Glasgow, GB / Celtic Park
with Utah Saints, PJ Harvey
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Best gig ever?
Echo the others comments from 2010. First ever big concert and the surge at the start and the euphoria as the lights came on for the Streets will always remain with me. What an amazing gig - saw them at Murrayfield in 97 but not a patch on this one!!
Ran for it!
Went to this and the Wembley gig, was 20 years old and had been to Earls Court in 92 for my first U2 concert (thanks Propaganda!!!), this was by far the best of the 2, recall spending hours on the phone to try and get tickets, finally got them but needed a 6 hour train ride to get to the gig! When we got there we had seats behind the sound booth , shit crap view so we made a run for the pitch and ended up 10 foot from the b stage. Can remember as clear as day moving 10 feet in every direction when Zoo Station kiked in and my feet never touched the ground!! Great night.
1st u2 gig[and still the best]
Queuing for 2 hours to try and get close to stage. Listening to sound check while waiting, building anticipation for what turned out to be an absolutely outstanding show. Zoo Station starts and am within 10-15 feet of Bono. Highlight of a show full of them has to be Bad, not only u2's best song, but my all time fave. Streets a close second when all lights burst into life during intro. Phenomenal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
my first U2 gig
Wow amazing mind blowing breathtaking orgasmic. I could go on and on. Been a fan since 1984 but this was my first time at a u2 gig and i have made a point of going to see them time and time again. the only complaint i would have is it had to end ;( . i would still be there if they kept on playing.
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