Aug 18 1993
Cardiff, GB / Arms Park
with Utah Saints, Stereo MC's
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Cardiff Arms -
as with the other comments - this was the first time I had ever seen U2 live and what an introduction - I have never looked back and seen a show at every tour since. Bono rising up out of the stage, the stage itself!!, everything about Zoo TV - nothing has come close to that visceral first experience of the show that night! EPIC
Cardiff Arms Park...Awesome!!!
This was my first U2 concert,and absolutely blown away,I now feel so privalidged to have been part of the Zoo Tv Tour.I can still feel the spine tingling senses running through my veins when I think of Bono rising up on the lift in front of the eurostars at the beginning of Zoo Station,then The Edge's Guitar ripping through the stadium!!! Adam's Bass on New Year's Day thundered through me,rocking my bones almost....Awesome. But of all of the moments,the best for me is the 'White Out' at the beginning of Streets.The entire stadium was lit up,and the cheer od 50,000 fans at that moment......THANK YOU U2! I have included a picture just moments before showtime.
Magic Gig
First Time I saw U2 a great performance by the band, and an assault on the senses by the whole sound and vision package. Great memories The Fly and where the streets have no name stick out in my memory. Trevor Dyer. Yate
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