Aug 28 1993
Dublin, IE / RDS Arena
with Stereo MC's, Scary Eire
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Trip of a lifetime
I was here with a group of fans that flew over from the US together. I saved up enough money from a part time job to make it to Dublin after I missed the US (Oakland, CA) show due to emergency appendectomy. Being in Dublin for a U2 concert was surreal and an experience of a lifetime. To friends I met on the trip, Carrie, Colleen, Jason, if you're out there I hope you are all having a great life! - Brian J.
Broadcast Live
This concert was broadcast live in the United States. I have 2 cassettes but nothing to play them on :(
I was there
Rubbish concert. Rubbish venue the RDS. Its a horse jumping arena. They moved away from their regular music to daft stuff that nobody heard before . Only decent song was 'BAD'.
My First Time
This was the 1st time I ever seen U2 live and was just a great night..The whole tour concept was so far ahead of its time and was like looking into the future, where media is surrounding us 24/7... From the moment Bono arrived on the stage, everyone was in the moment..This was the coolest stage of U2`s career, while I always loved there music I hated the whole cowboy look...I remember 1st hearing Achtung Baby and been shocked that this was a u2 record and to hear that music live was amazing... The whole night was perfect, the b stage was great as I was right up by the barrier...Also seeing N Campbell in the flesh was a bonus..... I was 18 when I was at this gig and I only seen u2 again live this year, with my wife of one year...The 360 gig in Croke Park was top class and U2 are still for me the most powerful live band in the world, but August 1993 was for me the moment when U2 were really the most revelant and coolest band in the world and to have that memory is something I treasure...
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