Nov 26 1993
Sydney, NSW, AU / Sydney Football Stadium
with Big Audio Dynamite II, Kim Salmon
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The first night U2 played without all four band members on the stage. It was still a great show but without Adam it really wasn't the same. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our Mr Bass Man!
the first time
I had been to many great "big band"concerts but this was my first experience of U2 live and WOW what a great night, the company I went with was lousy and the seats were at the back of the stadium, but I still remember sitting waiting for U2 to come on stage and being in total awe, huge screens and props ,dangling cars, the massive lights, it certainly made up for being at the back! The music was fantastic and Bono voice sublime- how I love those songs from Achtung Baby and Zooropa. Ever since I have been addicted to U2. Every time U2 come to Oz I will be there. Vertigo tour was fantastic also, can't wait for the 360 tour!
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