Apr 3 2001
Dallas, TX, US / Reunion Arena
with PJ Harvey
Elevation 2001, Show Six, Reunion Arena, Dallas, Texas

Irish People Are Like Texans

'Irish people are like Texans,' explains Bono to 20,000 roaring Texans. 'Texans who whisper.'

It's the sixth show of Elevation 2001 and although everyone is into their stride, the singer is still not sure the band have been taken on for the vacant position.

'We're reapplying for the job so I'm introducing the band, which is almost 
impossible for singers to do.'

This is a band that were once called something else altogether he reveals.

'U2 had a few different names, The Hype which we later lived up to, Feedback because Edge's brother couldn't tune his guitar.'

And then one for future biographers:  'The first name was The Larry Mullen Band' adds Bono as Larry saunters down the heart walk from the drums. 'The first manager of U2,' comes next, 'Long before Paul 
McGuinness. We had his name printed on a little card.'

The bass player seems a little hesitant in coming down the catwalk for the now nightly  audience introduction.

'Please wave at the poshest member of U2, make it a big wave.'

And finally comes the guitarist who still has  'more children than Abraham' and tonight is 'wearing the No. 2 shirt, and that's the way it always should be.'

Many observers think this is the finest show of the tour to date but, face it, these shows have generally been so good that all observers are losing their perspective. For celebrity spotters - that's Hanson on the mix tonight.

So have we got five, notable, memorable or intriguing things about tonight's show ? Well....

- Bono ends Staring At The Sun by sucking on his thumb and amending the lyric to fit, 'Sucking on my thumb...'

- for New York a cowboy hat returns to the U2 stage and the head of Bono for the first time in, well, a long time. When in Texas....

- She got the job! During In A Little While, an attractive female member of the audience, wearing a cowboy hat of course, makes the transition to the stage to dance with the singer. Her t-shirt says it all: WILL WORK FOR BONO.

- the Irish tricolour  emerges from fans to hang over Bono's shoulder for Sunday Bloody Sunday, before being moved to the piano for the opening chords of The Sweetest Thing.

- a surprise with Desire. 'Edge,' says Bono, ' Desire, Desire, play it slow.' he says as the crew find him a mouth organ and they perform an unscripted rendition.

Hands outstretched to the Texan audience, one fan holds aloft a sign which reads, 'Kiss me, I'm Irish!'

'Do we get the job? ' he asks.

What do you think ? 

U2 - Kite (Live From The FleetCenter, Boston, MA, USA / 2001)
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Sixth Tour de Force
With the tour named Elevation, quite possibly my favorite U2 song (from a long list), we had to make the long drive to Dallas. Bono strode in with a Texas sized cowboy hat, which seemed to capture the crowd, and the band just ripped the rest. Also, the set included some highly cool medleys covering songs from other artists, all of which I loved.
2nd time seeing U2 ---- won tickets AGAI
I couldn't believe I won tickets to my second concert seeing U2. That makes twice I won tickets to see this awesome band.
Bono kissed me !
U2 has been my #1 group since the early 80's! Ask anybody that knows me! U2 was finally on tour again but wasn't coming to Memphis so the closest city was Dallas. I started planning so that my son and I could fly from Memphis to Dallas to see them in concert, something I never ever do due to financial reasons. However, I wanted to make the most of it so I got a bright idea of trying to wait for them to arrive at the Coliseum at the rear entrance I was really hoping to catch a glimpse of them before the show... Well sadly, I quickly realized I wasn't the only one with this bright idea! I meandered my way to the front of the crowd and stood on the swing gate ( I'm kinda of a short person) to wait. Then two unmarked black cars pulled up and stopped! I was holding my breath I didn't know it was going to happen! Then after the cars stopped Bono and The Edge got out! The crowd went crazy! Bono walked over to the fence and started to shake hands with the people that were in front but as he approached me he KISSED MY HAND! I got a quick hug and I will never forget it! I talk about it quite often as his name comes up in conversation! One of the true highlights of my life! My son was just shaking his head laughing at me because his mother just got kissed by Bono!
Great U2 Concert
Playlist was wonderful - all my favorites were played. The set was amazing with a catwalk in the shape of a heart that gave the audience a great view and experience with the band. Bono and Edge battled voice and guitar - absolutely incredible.
Loved this concert
Great concert in a great venue. Reunion Arena up close and personal with the band yet large enough for a wonderful audience. I LOVED this concert. U2 stole my heart again..
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