May 3 2001
Cleveland, OH, US / Gund Arena
with PJ Harvey
Eleven  Words That Help  Capture  Elevation 2001 at the Gund Arena, Cleveland on May 3rd

1. Openings.

'And if you dance, then dance with me Bonoπ reads one sign tonight; 'Please U2' reads another. Someone is dressed as MacPhisto, there is a large red heart in the audience, bunches of roses and an optimist with a sign suggesting  'An early birthday kiss for Bono?'

2. Numerical

This is Cleveland and Edge has got his No. 7 t-shirt on. Special guests tonight include Jim Henke, curator of Cleveland's Rock'n Roll Hall Of Fame.

3. Happiness.

'When Joey Ramone passed away a couple of weeks ago, I just became really happy that there was a place called the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame here in Cleveland, Ohio.' says Bono introducing In A Little While.
'They deserve pride of place there and we wouldn't have formed a band if it hadn't been for them.  This is a song he loved very much and the last song that Joey heard.  For any Ramones fans out there, he was so special he could turn a song about a hangover into a gospel tune...'

4. Kiss.

Until The End of The World and Bono is kissing a female photographer and then lying on the catwalk, and then kicking at Edge's guitar.

5. Introductions.

'How are you doing?  Baltimore stole the bears and you stole them back.  I'm going to do something that's very difficult for a singer to do, I'd like to introduce you to the band, old school, know what I mean?
- On the drums, a man who gave us our first and up to now our only job, the impeccably attired Larry Mullen Jnr, he's had the same hairstyle for 20 years.
- The first manager of U2, the jazz man, the musical conscience of the group and by far the poshest member, on the bass, Lord Adam Clayton...no stranger to the catwalk.
- Wearing No. 7 this evening, he could be flying the space shuttle but no heπs taking the No. 42 bus to Cleveland, Ohio to play a rock'n'roll show.  A card carrying genius, even his mother calls him The Edge.'

6. Dedication.

Stuck In A Moment (You Canπt Get Out Of) is dedicated to... well, you already know...

7. Addiction.

'Any punk rock or any other rock bands here,' asks Bono as Desire opens up and he reaches for his mouth organ. 'Here's a song about addiction.'

'Another one about addiction, ordinary addictions,' he continues, striding the heart-shaped catwalk, reaching into the audience as bad becomes  Ruby Tuesday and everyone is asking how long to sing this song, hoping it can be for ever.

8. Photo-Op

At the end of Where the Streets Have No Name Bono leans into the  heart of the audience, takes a camera from a fan and snaps them holding a bunch of roses.
For The Fly Bono takes sunglasses from a fan, puts them on, jumps into the crowd  and runs out of the back of hall.

9. Pride

'I met a man from Cleveland once, he gave me a book called Let The Trumpets Sound.  Jim Henke, this is for you.' This Is Pride (In The Name of Love)  

10. Holocaust

'Thanks for spending your hard earned cash on a rock show, thanks for giving us a great life, also for your support for Jubilee 2000 over the last few years.  
In our lifetime an entire subcontinent is being flushed down the toilet, an entire subcontinent, Africa.  Please call your congressmen, call your senators, it's an every day holocaust, every day.'

11. Leavings

'Thank you, thank you, we thank you Cleveland Ohio and to the almighty, we thank you,' the singer declaims as Walk On closes and then he's back for a moment, 'There's something else, you'd better come back here sooner rather than later, thank you.'

U2 - Kite (Live From The FleetCenter, Boston, MA, USA / 2001)
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