Jul 13 2001
Cologne, DE / Arena
with Sohne Mannheims
'On the bass Adam Clayton, on the drums Larry Mullen Jnr, I'm Bono, this is The Edge'

(or Ten Things Said by The Singer During U2's Second Show in Cologne)

* 'Believe in me, believe in me', added after 'I believe in you', during Elevation.

* 'A conversation between Jesus and Judas...' introducing Until The End Of the world:

* 'In the beginning rock'n'roll used to be dance music' introducing Mysterious Ways, which has no video tonight, coming earlier in the show.

* Introducing Kite, in German: 'I only know two words of German, Kolle Allaf', apparently an expression without a direct translation but used around Carnival time only in the Cologne area. 'You are louder than the Americans... and I'm not kissing your arse anymore. 'I'd like to celebrate the life of a great painter, Herman Brood, a great and funny man and I know that the people from Cologne, he used to come into Cologne and it's kind of close to Holland. We would like to play a song for his daughter Lola, she's 16 years old, a beautiful girl and she has just lost her father - this is Kite.'

* 'This is our first single, 20 years ago, for your pleasure, we're a band from Dublin Ireland, this is our new single Out of Control'at which point he drop kicks a glass of water into the crowd. 'On the bass Adam Clayton, on the drums Larry Mullen Jnr, I'm Bono, this is The Edge' 'So we made this tape in a little Dublin studio then we got on a boat, we went to London to sell our songs, but never our souls, to sell your songs but never your souls, Out of Control, I wanted to get out of control'

* 'We haven't done this for a while, could be interesting..help me..it's a b-side' U2 play The Sweetest Thing.

* 'This is my godson, he lives here in Cologne some of the time and in Dublin some of the time. His name is Noah and he's very, very cool...' pulling said godson Noah from the photographers pit and onto the stage for before introducing The Ground Beneath Her Feet.

* 'We'd like to play a song for Wim Wenders and the road movies, 25 years of road movies..' and they play All I Want Is You, for Wim who is here tonight, along with Die Toten Hosen and Guggi, Noah et al.

* Ich bin ein Kolner..I want to thank the Sohne Mannheims for opening the show, incredible band, I also want to thank you for your help surrounding Cologne for Jubilee 2000 to drop the debt - this is for you' . The 'this' is One.

* 'You're amazing' he tells the audience before U2 play Walk On.

U2 - Kite (Live From The FleetCenter, Boston, MA, USA / 2001)
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