Dec 2 2001
Miami, FL, US / American Airlines Arena
with Garbage
Fan Review

Miami by Robert Alonso

U2s performance was non-parallel. I have followed U2 since 'war' and after all these years, they still manage to lift me up. Elevation was one of the most intimate performances they've done in my opinion. It was a very moving, sentimental concert that touched many of the issues we're dealing with today. U2s music manages to do that and more. Seeing them live can stir up many different feelings, making your heart want to burst at times. The Edge's guitar riffs sounded better than ever and Bono's voice has no comparison. I bought their Elevation DVD the day after, as this is the only thing I'll have to try to relive that moment. But nothing compares to seeing this band perform live. I can't stress that enough.  I hope they hang around for more years to come. In this times where many of us feel lost, U2 helps makes sense of it all. Whomever missed this tour, don't miss the next one to come. U2 makes you thank God for giving you senses really.

Miami by Nairoby Morales Leal

I don't have words to describe what I saw the 2nd of December in Miami. I flew from Caracas-Venezuela to Miami just to see U2 and it really worthwhile. It was gorgeous, amazing, great, fantastic. I hadn't seen U2 in concert before, so I was so excited (and I'm still too excited).
It was just perfect for me, everything was great, the lights, the stage, the screens, the place, my seat, the songs, Bono, Larry, The Edge, Adam. The place was full of people and I could feel the energy between us. I have to say that when I heard "One" it was something special happening inside of me. I really like that song and also for  thing about the people who die in New York... it felt different. Elevation, as well as the other songs, was full or power and energy!!! I really enjoy it.
I hope to see you soon guys, and  if I have to fly again.... sure I will!

Miami by K. Mueller

Never in my life have I heard a band play as well as U2 did that night. I saw them opening night on March 24 and I thought they played very well that night. But this last show of the tour just blew me away. On several occasions my eyes filled up. I get misty eyed whenever I see them in concert, but not like this. I even teared up when Bono hugged the guy with the tatoos on his back. The most memorable moment for me was when they played "Out of Control." I've waited 15 years to hear them play that song..it was better than I ever imagined. Forget the Beatles, this is THE BEST BAND EVER!

Miami by Jaclyn Winter

I got to see their last show on Dec. 2nd in Miami. Words can't describe the beauty of it all! It was so intense and emotional! I left the arena completely stunned and with the feeling of being overwhelmed by it all. "I just got to witness something so spiritual, beautiful, and powerful!" They are all angels! There's just something in Bono's voice and in his words that just fills you up with love, you feel connected to him in some mysterious way. He is an amazing man with the biggest heart inside of him. He cares about people and about this world that we live in. "I will carry this experience with me forever" that was my thought as I left the arena in tears. I was filled with such happiness and I still am! I feel closer to them then ever and I have been listening to their music since I was eight years old. Thank you U2 for giving us true music with true meaning!

U2 - Kite (Live From The FleetCenter, Boston, MA, USA / 2001)
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