Dec 14 2005
St. Louis, US / Savvis Center
with Kanye West
First night with Kanye West opening up and for the first time on the tour, Bono arrives on stage ahead of the support act. He wants a special welcome from the U2 audience for the first of four nights with Kanye West. 'I want to introduce a truly great American voice,' he tells the St Louis audience.

Kanye performed with a DJ and a seven-piece string section - including a harp - and the U2 crowd were knocked out. He even headed out along the elipse stage to perform his Grammy-winning 'Jesus Walks' which really blew people away. Later, when U2 were on stage, Bono slipped a snatch of Jesus Walks into Beautiful Day. We've had some great support acts this year and this is quite a climax. Just three shows to go for Vertigo '05, hard to believe.

All Because Of You
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home cooking
great , great show as usual- even better that it was finally in my home town - St. Louis!! Was blown away that Bono came out before Kanye to intro him!! Was blown away by one of Kanye's violin players- BOY DID SHE MOVE!!! the confetti coming down for City of Blinding lights- being about 10 feet from Bono and all the band- AMAZING , AMAZING SHOW!! STREETS , STREETS , STREETS!!! Always remember standing out in GA line with the TRUE u2 fans- talkin U2 for HOURS !!! AWSUM
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