Jun 29 2005
Cardiff, Wal., GB / Millenium Stadium
with The Killers, Starsailor
There were '25,000 Evanses' in Cardiff last night and the singing was something to witness.

'Something dawned on me during the week in Dublin,' explained Bono as Edge played the opening notes of Miracle Drug. 'Like St Patrick, Edge was stolen from Wales and brought to Ireland in order to save us all!'

The roof over the Millennium Stadium may have been closed tonight, but you could have heard the cheers from 60,000 Welsh people all the way across the sea in Dublin. The same sea that the band had negotiated only a few minutes before, arriving for their date at the shrine of Welsh rugby, only an hour or so before show time. And Edge, whose parents moved from the South Wales town of Llanelli before he had learned to say the word 'plectrum', had lots of family members here tonight. Bono welcomed them: 'The Evanses are here tonight, all 25,000 of them!'

Maybe it was the fact that with the roof closing out the sky, this was the biggest indoor show on the European leg, but it was definitely a Hot Fuss tonight - a steaming set from The Killers, making their tour debut, following a winning set from Starsailor. The Welsh were up for it. There was no 'Everyone, Everyone...'audio intro, the band just walked out on stage while Arcade Fire's 'Wake Up' was still going strong, introduced themselves ('Larry Mullen Jnr... Mr Bassman...') and tore into Vertigo.

'Hands up who's not related to The Edge?' asked Bono. Seemed like everyone was and they knew how to sing: Elevation, New Year's Day, Beautiful Day, Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking for:' Take us to church now...' urged Bono, as the massed choirs roared. 'We've got that Presbyterian sound...!'

Talking of Church, opera singer turned pop-start Charlotte was in the house, as was Midge Ure - taking a break from Live8 preparations - and Welsh rappers Goldie Lookin Chain, who hail from just down the M4 in Newport. Longtime U2 studio collaborator Nellee Hooper was also about. Miracle Drug went out again to the scientists, doctors and nurses - 'especially the nurses' - while 'Sometimes...' was dedicated to Ken, a friend of Bono's father Bob.

This being the last show before the band open up Live8 at Hyde Park on Saturday, before a worldwide audience that will run into hundreds of millions, the sequence of Pride, Streets and One had an added urgency tonight. 'The dream goes on, not just an American dream, nor a European drea, but also an Asian dream, also an African dream...from the end of slavery to the end of apartheid, from drop the debt to Make Poverty History.. the journey of equality .. goes... on!'

Wonder what they'll play on Saturday! Was Live Aid really twenty years ago ? Can't wait. We'll keep you posted on Live8 news as we get it

All Because Of You
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U2 rock Wales
Took my brother to his first U2 concert for his birthday we stood up danced like to kids , I remember one starting to play he looked at me and sang his heart out kissed me witha tear in his eye , now that was a show and I have been to most U2 concerts
Vertigo cardiff 2005
Fantastic concert, great setlist with Bonos vocals on top form,especially during Sometimes..,the vibe was set from the brilliant support acts,Starsailor-Outstanding,then The Killers,Brandon Flowers owning the stage,a Bono in the making!!! The roof was closed which made it very hot but that just added to everything.My only gripe was that on Streets they did not blast the house lights when the song kicked in,but hey seeing a sea of 70,000 all going mad in unison to the drums and bass was unforgettable.Again never let down, i wish the critics could just leave Bono alone for his charity work, he has achieved so much for so many,instead of the usual rock star Rehab/Recovery/Rehab,he has used his posistion and used it well.I saw Oasis a few years earlier, very good but sort your life out Liam,Noel in my opinion is The English Bono.As a Ps have to thank U2 for digging into their own pockets to make the 360 prices so cheap,30 euros for a ticket,its because of this my wife and i can see them in Helsinki 2010.
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