Jul 29 2005
Gothenburg, SE / Ullevi Stadium
with Razorlight, The Soundtrack Of Our Lives
Don't know what's going on in Gothenberg - we surrender!'

This was a very happening audience in Gothenburg. As the band arrived on stage you could almost sense their shared intake of breath as they caught sight of a great world in white - vast swathes of the crowd carrying white towels and materials and punching the sky with them. Very impressive Gothenburg!

'Don't know what's going on in Gothenberg,' admitted an amazed lead singer. 'We surrender!'

It was an omen for a great night, opening with a kicking version of Vertigo when the white sea rolled like a storm and Bono finished up doing a neat little spin on stage. And in a top compliment to their hosts, he even changed the lyrics in I Will Follow:

'White Flags at sunset,

And we surrender'

In the land of the midnight sun

And we surrender...'

It was obvious the band were loving this second night of their Scandinavian stay, with the singer throwing all kinds of shapes: 'Oh my God what a reunion!'

Under a fetching pink sky, Edge opened up Electric Co and soon Bono was giving thanks. 'Thank you for coming out to see us, Thank you for giving us a great life, Thank you... the life of our band is just beginning.'

Not that any of us had any doubts mind, but it's always good to hear them underlining it! Maybe it's been the Swedish welcome, coverage in all the papers, on the TV, fans and photographers up every tree, down every street... the band have been embraced by the whole country it seems. (Out at lunch in town yesterday, seemed like the whole city was trying to pull up a seat.)

A huge version of 'Sometimes...' surely carried right up to the Arctic Circle while Love and Peace, with Larry and Adam providing a thundering lead, must have set lose a few rock falls up way in the hills.

'Not a problem here in Gothenberg,' decided Bono, wandering out towards his audience, hands open as Bullet The Blue Sky arrived. And the latest star of the show Miss Sarajevo was dedicated to 'All the people who lost their lives in London, Turkey and the Middle East.'

The band came on later for this show and so it was darker, in contrast to Oslo, which feels more the vibe - even though Oslo was a wonderful night. Amongst other things it was easier to light up this world.

'Be a light in the world,' invited the singer as the audience delighted to note the start of One, even though the rain was starting to fall. 'Oh we look beautiful tonight!'

'Everywhere we go, we say the same things,' explained Bono, taking a breath to update people on the campaign to Make Poverty History. 'We talk about equality and we talk about Africa.'

Tonight though, is a bit special.

'But this is not everywhere, this is the great country of Sweden, Sweden is about to lead the world in charity and in justice... we want to thank you for giving permission to your politicians.'

This was a reference to the fact that Sweden has committed to provide one per cent of GDP towards helping the poorest countries in the world - and their government deserves gratitude. 'People who've been fighting this fight, we are your servants tonight.'

There was a timely snatch of Rain from The Beatles to mark the changing climate conditions but no-one seemed bothered - even when it started hitting the stage hard during Zoo Station and The Fly. Larry was always moving faster than the rain could fall - no surprises there. And then the band had a neat twist in the set list for their Swedish followers - Party Girl, complete with cork-popping champagne moment, the way it was always done all those years ago.

Here's to the Swedes - bottoms up!

All Because Of You
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