Feb 21 2006
Sao Paulo, BR / Morumbi Stadium

All Because Of You
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Best concert
I have been to several U2 concerts in my life but this was truly the best ever. Super setlist, enthusiastic audience, great and energetic perfomance from the band. I really got emocional (even though I had been there the night before - you know how fans are! hahaha!). Bono pulled up a girl from the crowd. It seemed like she couldn’t speak english. She showed him her ID. Her name was Desirée. Bono called Edge, they laughed and played Desire! Great unplanned moment. Love Rescue Me kept playing in my head for weeks... 11 years later I still remember a lot of details...
20th on 21st
I was so happy when I knew about this concert! The year before that I was thinking to myself I would probably not be able to enjoy an U2 concert in my life. The next year I was there, feb 21st on my 20th birth :) I love good coincindences like that and I felt like this one was the best gift. So now here I go again, this time in another country. I hope they come back to Brazil again.
in that concert, i was at home crying for do not be there. but i promised to myself: "in the next i will be there". april 13, i cryed over there next to bono.
Can't describe it!
I was at the concert in São Paulo on February 21st. I spent like 4 hours, with three cell phones in my hands to get the tickets, when someone answered the phone i was almost crying, so happy i was! We got to the concert line at 10 am, and they were gonna play at 9 pm. During the day, we met great people, some of then i'm still in touch with (like Nanaa ;D). The stage was unbelievable, and we were very close to it at the "hot area"! The concert? Still can't describe it, one of the most incredible experiences of my life. Still waiting for them to come back to Brazil. Come Soon!
That was a great moment in my life. U2 is my favorite band and i wanted so much to go to that concert! I was still a student at that moment, so i was saving money for like months just waiting for this show. Then I spent almost 5 hours on the phone to buy the ticket, had a trouble to get the bus to travel to SP, spent almost 10 hours in the line to get in the stadium, but it was all worth! The show was incredible! I got a great view of the stage in the hot zone and everything was amazing! I should have been to both shows (20th and 21th). I loved when Bono said that the first show in Brazil was broadcasted to the whole country but the this one was our "private party", and he said that in portuguese, great! The moment i most recall was when they played "First Time", a lovelly song. Another great thing about this day was the people I met in the line before get in the stadium, some of them became friends and we talk to each other until today, which is very nice! Well, it was a beautiful day, really important to me :) *Love* those guys and cant wait to the next show (I'm going to the US this month to see them in the new stage, "the claw" is just incredible!) Hey guys, Brazil is waiting for you, please come! ;)
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