May 27 2015
Los Angeles, CA, US / Forum

'A Kind of Family...'

'U2 is a kind of family. U2 is a brotherhood. Although there are a lot of sisters in it now that I think about it. The extended family are everything to us, We look after each other. Last night we lost a member of our family...'

An extraordinary and moving show at The Forum in Los Angeles as the band paid tribute to their great friend and longtime colleague.

'Dennis Sheehan was his name,' explained Bono introducing Iris, a song inspired by the loss of his own mother. 'He was U2's tour manager for 33 years and he loved, as we all do, the city of Los Angeles…he called the Sunset Marquis his home away from home, he came to this city as a young man working for Led Zeppelin. In fact he always hoped we would be the next Led Zeppelin which of course is impossible...'

Set on honouring what they knew would be Dennis' wish, the band not only played the show as scheduled, they performed with a singular passion - and the 18,000 people in the audience lifted the roof with their singing.

The set list was switched up again, with several songs dedicated to Dennis including Every Breaking Wave, a transcendent version of 'Bad' and With Or Without You.

'Goodnight Dennis Sheehan...'

Perhaps the most touching moment of all came right at the end of a poignant and powerful evening. Edge pulled on the acoustic bass, Adam switched to electric guitar and the opening chords of '40' began ringing round the arena.
Based on the biblical fortieth psalm, the song was written for the band's third studio album 'War', released in 1983, the year that their friendship with Dennis began.

'I will sing, sing a new song
I will sing, sing a new song
How long to sing this song
How long to sing this song
How long, how long, how long
How long to sing this song....'


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I died
This night was amazing , and my first U2 concert, simply breathtaking
A bit of the essay I wrote about that extraordinary night at the Forum for Religion Dispatches: "Comfort me.” “COMFORT ME.” “COMFORT ME! COMFORT ME!! COMFORT ME!!!” Bono is standing at the edge of the stage that runs the length of The Forum arena in Inglewood, Calif., howling that word—comfort—at the top of his lungs before a crowd of 17,000. The 55-year-old rock star is shouting—at God, to God—a prayer that has become an all-too familiar litany of the brokenhearted for the U2 family in recent months. Fewer than 24 hours earlier, in the wee hours of May 27, the band’s longtime tour manager and a fixture in the U2 community, Dennis Sheehan, died of an apparent heart attack in his Los Angeles hotel room. Not just any band could take their fans by the hands and say, essentially, please walk with us through the valley of the shadow of death. We’re one, but we’re not the same; we get to carry each other … But since its inception in 1976, the band formed by four teenage boys from Dublin’s hardscrabble north side has opened a vein, sharing their most vulnerable moments and struggles with anyone who would listen. And sorrow has visited the U2 family far too often this season. (Continue reading at
BH Brasil #U2ieTour LA night2
Unbeliavable night - U2 a kind of a miracle!
from the netherlands
what was an intense concert
U2, 30 Years of Separation
I was lucky to be in the audience for this concert along with my 20 yr. old daughter,after nearly 30 years of separation. Life happens. MY LAST TOUR WAS the Joshua Tree Tour which played at the Los Angeles sports arena. This time around, sharing in the loss of their manager, Dennis, our role was to comfort the band by celebrating them, and their music.. My daughter's and my roadtrip music was always U2 music from the early years. We belted out all the classic tunes from Boy to Joshua Tree at this concert because it's all we have memorized, but still what a wonderful thing to see my daughter know the lyrics to the classics and see my Irish laddies! She was in disbelief and in tears that she was there to see them play! It strengthened our Bond! Condolences U2...Love you guyz!! P.S. I would like to suggest the next tour be specifically music from Boy to The Unforgettable Fire and Joshua Tree. "The Early Years Revisited". Now wouldn't that be a sold out tour, and wouldn't that be the concert of the decade!!! Loving that band!
What a Night
Again another night with you guys i was 13th when i bought your first Record now I'm 48 now and i still have the same feelings when i come to the show. I still remember my first show in Milan 1985 and since than i've seen at least one show every tour you performed. You have done for me and for my soul more than everything i still cry now and then listening to your song, because every song reminds me single moments of my life gone. I'm an Airline Captain now and i'm lucky enough to organize my schedule following you around the globe....see you soon next month.....
Amazing night!
Tonight was my 57th U2 concert and second of 5 in LA. I knew it would be special and it was. The love from the crowd surrounded the band and they could feel it. The tribute to Dennis Sheehan was so touching. This is why I travel the world for this band. They inspire me.
My boys rock 'n' roll
My boys are always brilliant, and their desire to make Dennis proud was evident. I only hope when I re-visit on Saturday that Quincy Jones is there so he gets to hear my fav song - I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For! Thanks, boys, for making a great show even greater. You truly shine in moments of adversity.
Thank you
A heartfelt thank you to the band and all the support personnel for performing on a day when your hearts were broken by the loss of a friend and colleague. You put on a wonderful show (May 27, The Forum) and even though you were dealing with loss you performed and made your fans feel special and appreciated - just as you always do. XXXXOOOO
Remembering Dennis
Tonight was truly a gift. @u2 I would like to say on behalf of all your fans and especially those of us in Los Angeles, as part of your extended family, we are saddened by your tragic loss. And we are truly grateful that you played through your grief and gave us the most powerful and amazing show. Bono your tribute to Dennis at the end was poignant and heartbreaking. 40 will never sound the same again. Thank you Bono, Adam, Larry and Edge. We are all with you. #U2 #U2ieTour Rest in peace Dennis. "And if your glass heart should crack, and for a second you turn back, oh no, be strong. Walk on. "
Denny Remembered
LA's show # 2 had the band in rare form. Best show in LA since ZooTV. From Joey to "40," and the crowd singing "How long..." into the parking lot, a strong connection between band and the usually distant LA audience proved that this is still Church with the greatest band. Stood mesmerized by all the video work and music for the whole time.
Dennis Sheehan
Saddened to hear about death of long time tour manager Dennis Sheehan. Thoughts, prayers & love to his family as well as the entire U2 family.
Can't wait for this night! I have been a fan since I was 12 years old and this will be my 40th birthday!!! what a night it will be!! can't wait to spend it with you all!!!
2nd Night In L.A.
REALLY looking forward to this show. Driving in from Vegas, since they are skipping our town this time around... Maybe if they show us some love down the road we'll hook up again. I am a disabled Veteran, so travelling to shows isn't that easy for me. From the Vancouver show reviews, it's going to be a visually stunning show, and musically, it's a can't miss... except if the Edge misses it... (the edge I mean) ;)
Missing the first night in LA, but have tickets (wow-- RedZone!!!!!) for the 2nd show. I really hope that means I don't miss California on the playlist. Can't get enough of that song.
From The Netherlands
I am so happy to have the possibility to see the heroes in the forum. looking forward to it. I'm sure we're gonna have a great evening. See you in LA
thank you
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