May 30 2015
Los Angeles, CA, US / Forum

'The most beautiful sound in the world!' Sounded so loud last night as the capacity audience at The Forum chimed in on the opening call and response of 'The Miracle of Joey Ramone'. Seconds into the third night of U2’s LA 'residency', and this crowd were out to be louder than any predecessors.

Before' Iris (Hold Me Close)', there was talk of L.A. resident The Edge leaving 'blood on the dance floor' after the band’s club gig the night before at the Roxy, as well as Bono’s recent trip to the famed Canter’s deli. U2’s love for L.A. was proclaimed - all of L.A. - downtown, the valleys, the canyons, and its feeling of 'what might be'. With that, the 17,000 or so Angelenos in attendance were transported back to the north side of Dublin, to Cedarwood Road, the era of Song For Someone, Sunday Bloody Sunday and Raised By Wolves. The breathtaking imagery on the great divider screens once again transformed The Forum into a magical place where these universes coexisted.

Amp was back tonight. The turban-wearing New York doctor, who was out in Vancouver for the opening shows, was pulled up on stage in his 'HAMMER(RED)' shirt for some theatrical shadow boxing with Bono during 'Mysterious Ways' and then kept his moment in the spotlight to turn cameraman - shooting the Meerkat fancast moment with the return of 'Elevation' to the set list.

The brotherhood and sisterhood of the U2 community, it's 'sacramental friendship', was again underlined with another moving homage to Dennis Sheehan in the intro to 'Stuck In A Moment That You Can't Get Out Of'. And at the end of 'With Or Without You.' 'Goodnight Dennis Sheehan...'

Anyone get the feeling this tour is starting to become a little special. As @JeffReinhart77 put it on twitter, 'Already pushing Zoo as top tour. Seriously. Incredible stuff #U2ieTour'

If you were at the third show at The Forum, add your own review and photos below.

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Such a great show!
A little more than a year out, and the memories are still great. Was worth it!!
do you like my plane?
I was ready for the show and it was great!! My plane was ready too but unfortunetely no one from the band members saw it...
Thank you for those two unforgettable nights!
A beautiful night
2 1/2 hours of nothing but peace, love and U2 at the forum. Graced with amazing effects, but they could stick with the single light bulb and still shake the roof off at the greatest live band on earth.
Never a disappointment!
This was the 8th time I've seen U2 in concert and the experience just gets better and better. Cedarwood Road, what can be said, the visual display is amazing, it took a great song and elevated it to a new level. The show seemed to fly by in a split second I was lost in the music. Keeping my fingers crossed they will be back around on another leg next year. I'll be there.
Off the Hook from the E-Stage!
First time in the GA section seeing U2 and I found what I was looking UP CLOSE & INSANELY AMAZING SHOW AND EXPERIENCE. Thanks for treating SoCal this! I have a ton of respect for you guys for marching on in the face of the personal loss of your close friend. You chose JOY!!
U2 Innocence + Experience Tour at The Fo
SUBLIME show in LA!!! I have seen U2 4 times (PopMart, Vertigo, 360 & IE) and this band never cease to amaze me!! Definitively one of my favorites show so far, the vibe, specially when the whole arena singing the same song, simply MAGICAL. Stage, AWESOME, band interacting inside the big screen (or vice versa), band playing at their best, set list 1st class (they could have played the song from the new album "Volcano" though). Personal highlight of the show, band playing Pride/Beautiful Day/With or Without You, the band rocked!! again, the whole arena singing out loud song... This is a MUST watch show...U2 did it again.
I was not expecting how good it was on Saturday night, great seats anywhere at the show, Thank god they dropped The Sweetest Thing and California and replaced with Stuck in a moment and Elevation. Elevation was huge.. the best of the night... seen Bono look at the Edge after they completed the song and the look was that is the song for this part of the show. They are always better a few shows in and figure out what the crowd wants to hear.. I loved it... the sound was the best ive ever heard!!! an amazing night
Magical Night in LA. I have seen U2 with my brother for every tour since 1983. This was by far one of the BEST U2 concerts ever. When 17000 people can sing the same song, it is truly a magical experience. What a night of awesome songs, visual relevance and the history of this band told thru music. WOW!! Awesome experience.
Loved it!!
Fantastic show! This was my third show, and definitely not the last! The first two I saw from the RED zone which was outstanding! This time I had a seat in the lower level in the middle. That was a great spot! You get a completely different concert experience. I think that could be said for any spot in the concert. It was fantastic seeing the full show from a seat, not something you can really do from the floor. But on the floor you do get the irreplaceable experience of seeing the band up close. This time around I think it's one of those you need to attend more than once, and in different locations to fully soak it all in. It's been great! Thanks U2 for a truly unforgettable experience! I'm definitely planning on doing more!
Best tour since ZooTV!
Simply amazing, apt storytelling + connecting to us fans. We were ONE!
60 and counting!
Last night was my 60th U2 concert! My first was 1980 at the Marquee club in London. It was a magical night. There was a first time fan next to us on the floor, and she was crying with joy. Thats what a U2 concert does to you. It never gets stale. Looking forward to the remaining shows in LA then I'm off to Chicago, NY and the tour closer in Paris! There is no them, just us!!!!
Thanks for the Blessings
Just trying to wrap my head around what I saw on Saturday Night. First and foremost I want to thank U2 and their staff for not cancelling or postponing any of these shows, during a very tough time in the bands life. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Dennis and his family. The show at the Forum was amazing and I am so blessed to have seen it and felt it and experienced it. You remind me every time I see you why you are the greatest band in my life and the reason your music is the soundtrack for my faith and my life. I have my thoughts about what I would change about the show then I realize that it probably wouldn't be as good as what you meant to dream up. So I will keep those thoughts to myself. This show was worth the wait and I can't wait for what you do next. "If the door is open it isn't theft."
The Forum, May 30
Moments of greatness, but not in the top 3 of U2 shows I've seen.
U2IE @ the Forum L.A 5/30/2015
Best concert ever! Amazing band. Amazing show.
Just a magnificent performance... I did not think they could improve on Wednesday's show, but they did. Let's see what tonight brings!
U2ie Tour LA Forum
They Rocked the House! Bono's voice carried throughout the forum even as the die hard fans (that would include me and my bff) sang through all of their songs. Edge, Larry, and Adam are gifted musicians. Taking in every moment. U2 is one of the best Rock n Roll bands of all time!
U2 @ the Forum May 30, 2015
Stage=Amazing! They never cease to amaze me at what they design for their tours. The screen Wow! Everyone can see everything, whether it is a photo montage or the live performance. Set list=some great new stuff (Innocence) and so many incredible songs from their career (Experience). U2 came out at 8:15 pm and they played until 10:30 pm. I often wonder if U2 played every song they have ever published how many hours/days a concert would be. How about a U2 "From Start to Finish" tour/festival where they played all of their songs over a course of a three-day weekend. I can dream! Fan Experience=Had a great time in the Red Zone and wandered in/out of the GA area, where fans range from super cool/fun to complete angry assholes/bitches that think they own their surroundings, view and territory. Venue=We had an easy time parking, as well as exiting. As we were Red Zone, we had an easy time in/out of the forum. The (Red) check-in ladies were efficient, effective and super sweet. The staff and security at the Forum that we came across were awesome.
May 30th Show
Awesome show!
Excited from Mexico City
We will be flying from Mexico City to see the greatest band of the world. Can´t wait to see and hear them!!
ietour in LA
Counting down 7 more days!!! It will be a beautiful day!!!! Will they play California for us???
So very, very excited!!! Welcome back to
Bono, Edge, Adam and Larry - haven't missed a tour since Unforgettable Fire, wife and I engaged at The Clarence in 2002 but unfortunately couldn't convince the Missus to let me name our son Bono (we did settle on Cash), we are so eager to see you next Saturday in LA; the Forum yet! We keep a bit of you in our kitchen...
We are so looking forward to the shows in L.A. we have never been to "The Forum"... we have 2 nights planned to see Bono & the Boys.. very excited!!!
Age restrictions?
My 14 year old son want to come with me, is there an age restriction for GA/Floor area?
U2 @Staples Center
U2 Concert @ the Staples Center was my very first concert in the U.S. and the first concert I went to with my husband.
Songs of Innocence
I love you all
Excited! Get well soon Bono!
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