Jun 25 2015
Chicago, IL, US / United Center

Second of Five in Chicago
'Some guitar strings, a few drum sticks and a voice intent on making a change...'

Not been to one of the shows yet? After watching the band in Chicago, Neil Miller of UR CHICAGO, captures the vibe really well.

'That stage setup was just as much a star of the show as the music and the band. The way U2 serve up their music on this tour is impressive to say the least, but the show seemed to really be designed with the audience in mind.  The band’s gigantic walkway made of see through screens allowed everyone to see nearly everything that was happening onstage.  Whether the band was performing inside of the setup or if they were scattered across the catwalk, there was rarely a point at which every member of the band wasn’t represented to the folks even in the nosebleed seats. While this was quite a visually intense experience, it seemed scaled back compared to previous U2 tours but this is hardly to a fault.  The presentation of the show fit the music perfectly, especially the toned down version of 'Sunday Bloody Sunday' and the softer moments in the show like 'Every Breaking Wave' and their tribute to Nelson Mandela, Ordinary Love.'

If the production is winning plaudits, the band are also  in fine form. 'Last night was just a warm up,' announced Bono, 'This is Chicago, no messing around...' And no messing around there was. Remember that quote from @WTSHNN about the opening night in this city having the loudest crowd of the 4 cities he'd seen this tour in ? Tonight, says @jasondominy,  'I’ve seen @U2 on 4 different tours, and this show is just as good, if not better than any of the others I’ve seen' while @BurgieHoward goes further back: 'Truly one of the greatest #U2 performances I've ever experienced since first show in '83 Thank you…'

The full debut of Moment of Surrender can't be that far away, some fans are taking bets on it. Tonight the snippet was extended further leading into Bad. ‘Longest MOS snippet of the tour, by far,' tweeted @mattmcgee. 'I’m certain they’ll do the whole song in Europe’ - 
Long snippet of Moment of Surrender leads to Bad,' added @U2gigs. 'Sixth performance of tour, back after missing three shows’. General consensus that it launches a powerful movement in the show, as captured by @mhamiltonedu. ‘Moment of surrender into BAD into With or Without You might actually be the greatest thing that has happened to me’. Or to put it another way, which is what @SallieAnnG did, ‘LOVE LOVE LOVE the combo of MOS-BAD-WOWY.. Just fabulous!'

That moment when an unsuspecting fan is plucked out of the audience and finds themselves on the 'e' stage, singing and dancing with the band of their dreams. That moment is often a show-stopper, the 'fourth wall' collapsing before our eyes, the audience in the band, the band in the audience. It was Marcella last night, an 'Angel of Costa Rica' for Angel of Harlem proudly holding high her Costa Rica flag. She was wonderful. 'Well, this love won't let me go....'

What shall we add? Let's leave it to Tankboy at Chicagoist, who sees the golden thread that holds this band through all these years. 'The evening could have been a marathon of greatest hits but U2 instead chose to treat it as a chance to tell their own story, through their own music - not all of it overly familiar. And it's the band's constant search to push their own boundaries that makes them feel fresh, decades into a storied career. At their heart, U2 is still that little band, practicing in a garage, and not depending on a wall of speakers to support them. Instead, they've just got some guitar strings, a few drum sticks and a voice intent on making a change...'  

Were you at the second night in Chicago? What were your highlights? Post your own review and add your photos below.

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U2 5th Show Chicago
U2 5th Show Chicago
Raised by Wolves
Up close and AMAZING!!!
Marcella from Costa Rica and (Me) from M
This is Marcella and me. Called on stage with the boys for a few moments. I was able to catch a photo with her after the show. Dreaming of the same opportunity some day:) Lucky Girl!!!
Night 2
Thank you for visiting us again after a few years. A spectacular night. Your voice is beautiful BONO. Performing BAD made the night.
Chicago 2nd Night
Even Better than Wednesday Night
Chicago Shows 1 + 2
AMAZING: My 11th and 12th time seeing the band. The second of the Chicago shows was absolutely brilliant!!!
Went to Thursday's show. Wow! Loved the stage set up and that they were in middle of crowd. Iris, Song For Someone & Breaking Wave sounded so great. Bono sounded smooth as silk. Women from other countries always get on stage. Envious!
Chicago - night 2 (25 June 2015)
This was my first arena show (after seeing stadium shows in Dallas (A-Baby Tour in '91), Arlington (1st leg of 360) and Chicago (2nd leg of 360)) and...oh my gosh. What a difference. I love the other shows but the entire experience of this show made it the best we've experienced. We did the "VIP Party" package and had a great time. Great food/drink before the show and some of the nicest folks from all over. Not to mention the fantastic seats. But the show itself was more intimate and, as many have said before, ended up feeling like we were in the most amazing church. The way this band lifts a crowd and the way they use and re-invent their music catalog is the best. I never EVER tire of "Until the End of the World" or "Bad" -- plus, my admiration for the new album has quadrupled after seeing the songs performed live. "Iris" brought my wife to tears with the imagery of Bono's late mother coupled with the music. The piano only version of "Every Breaking Wave" was also beautifully done. You can have your Stones, Eagles, Beatles, etc....I'll take the best band on the planet.
Chicago June 25TH Always An Amazing Sho
What a great show.... I wish I could of gone to more shows.
Wednesday show
this was the 6th show my wife and I have attended over the years and really was the best one of all of them. Bono's voice was very strong,the edge was of course the edge and Adam and Larry were there very best as usual.what icons
Shining the Light in Chi-Town Night 2!
Best show of the tour yet. Thank you Bono & the boys for shining the light on Chi-Town...nothing "shy" about us. Beautiful to see & feel the energy that only U2 can bring. BAD was simply over the top - and such a treat for this lifetime fan. #bestsetlistyet. @u2 @u2news #u2tour2015 #unitedcenter #june25 #ietour2015
Awesome Show
The Hildebrands
Best date night ever. We had so much fun, and met a lot of nice people. The show was nothing short of amazing and innovative. 2 hours seemed like 15 minutes. I was so sad when it was over!
Bono Serenades a Little Fan
Bono Serenades a little member of the audience - City of Blinding Lights in Denver.
Chicago June 25 2015
Fantastc Show!! Powerful...beginning to end!!! Way to rock Chicago!!! Thank you U2!!!
cindy grzywana
sisters, cindy & pam, seen u2 live since
see concert stub on homemade tshirts. fans said, "best tshirt of the night"
Fantastic show!
Still trying to find the right words to describe night 2 in Chicago. Electric. Transcendent. Powerful. Beautiful. Feeling Blessed.
set list perfect!
Set list perfect. Please, play this set list in second night in TORONTO, next 7/7!!!!
Still trying to find the right words to describe night 2 in Chicago. Electric. Transcendent. Powerful. Beautiful.
They Still Got it...
The opening sequence was killer. I loved Cedarwood Road. Pride and Bad were high points but the ultimate moment was the finale of One sung by us with occasional input by Bono, He was quite pleased with our performance. Way to go Chicago! Coolest moment in my U2 concert history - Edge gave me a high-five after the show! Wow.
cindy grzywana
seen u2 live since 1985
sisters cindy and pam made t-shirts with original concert stub. look for us. say happy birthday to pam
Susannah & Eva
3 continents, 40+ shows since Achtung Baby What a ride!!!!!
cindy grzywana
sisters, Cindy & Pam, have seen u2 live
look for us at thursday night show. we have the concert stub from 1985 to prove it! remember to say happy birthday to Pam!
#u2ieTour Chicago
Cannot wait. 7th time seeing U2 and gets better every time. Bes band in the world! Lyrics give me chills and feel them deep inside. Bono is a genius and the coolest.
slyfox 72114
It's Tuesday night in little rock and Thursday night in Chicago can't get here fast enough!
slyfox 72114
It's Tuesday night in Little Rock and I can't wait for Thursday night in Chicago!!!
My wife and I will be celebrating our 27th anniversary with GA tickets for our 10th U2 concert on 6/25. Our first was in 1987 in Tempe, AZ the year before we were married. It wouldn't bother us if U2 dedicated a song for the occasion. : )
Gracie's 2nd U2 concert
My daughter Gracie was 6 years old when I took her to the Vertigo tour and after a very exciting, dancing hour she fell fast asleep. Well, it was my third time seeing them that tour alone, so I left early, holding my baby girl fast asleep. NOW SHE IS 16 YRS OLD AND WILL BE OUT DANCING ME! Perhaps she'll be carrying me out fast asleep? (Not a chance in hell)
Grand tour
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