Jul 6 2015
Toronto, ON, CA / Air Canada Centre

Desire by Acrobat in Toronto
First night in Toronto see's local band Acrobat take the stage.

For the first night in Toronto on the iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE Tour, the fever did get higher as Bono invited up local tribute band, Acrobat, up onto the 'e' stage to play Desire. Adam and Larry stepped down to watch the band play with Bono and Edge. Bono as an audience member, backup singer and harmonica player, The Edge on guitar.

@Toonamette : We finally got Acrobat on the #U2ieTour - not quite what I expected though. Way to go.

An incredible night for Mark (U2Brothr), shared by fans worldwide and his own family (actually at the show!) who tweeted later : “This band believes in their fans. God as truly blessed me and our band this eve. My parent's first U2 show”. 
 @u2community : “Right. That’s now official. Anything can happen on this #U2ieTour. In fact anything probably will happen”.
Tonight saw the return of Jessica, a belly dancer that joined the band for Mysterious Ways and for the Meerkat stream. Jessica had appeared here onstage 10 years ago with the band, same venue, different tour.

The set had 25 songs tonight, matching Phoenix for the longest shows of the tour.

Bono remembered the bands first time in Toronto, the night after John Lennon was murdered in his introduction to 'Iris' - 'John Lennon's still singing in my year, you know'.

Were you at the first night in Toronto? What were your highlights? Post your own review and add your photos below.

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Dream Come True
My daughter had her dream come true when Bono signed her copy of Propaganda in which she had her tribute article/photograph published when she was 15 years old! Bono, this meant the world to her, THANK YOU!!! XO
My fourth (of 10) stops on the tour- and an incredible night. Was right at the B-stage and got this incredible pic- sorry Larry was out of reach. See you Friday in Boston!
Toronto July 6
Great show boys!..Thanks for coming back.
U2 in Toronto, July 6, 2015
A U2​ show is never just a concert. It is a total body experience that plays to your senses… as well as your emotions. The sound is perfection and it envelopes you like a warm blanket. A video wall that stretches the length of the arena ensures every seat is a good seat. Every member of the band gets equal play on the screen, and at one point they are actually playing INSIDE the video wall, which now stretches from floor to ceiling. The classic songs get the biggest reaction from the sold-out crowd. 'I still haven’t found what I’m looking for’ gave me full body chills as I sang along at the top of my lungs. Bono gave pretty big props to Canada, saying ‘whatever this experiment we call Canada is doing, keep it up, because the rest of the world it taking notice.’ The best part of the show is when the guys interact with the crowd. Tonight, they bring up a women in full belly dancing attire from the audience to dance on stage with them… and she’s very good! Then they pull a full U2 cover band out of the audience and surrender all of their instruments to them, and simply stand back and let them perform 'Desire’. They brought the house down (I wish I could remember their name..) I even tried embracing the new always connected world by broadcasting some of the show live via Periscope, and at one point I had over 100 people watching along online. It was a love in from start to finish… and wasn’t that what we all paid for anyway? Toronto, Air Canada Centre, July 6, 2015. EDIT - The cover band are called “Acrobat”.
Thank you, U2!!!!!!
Unbelievable show in Toronto on Monday....Cannot wait for tonight's show....can it get any better than the real thing...
U2 1991 Toronto
The show was the best possible.
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