Jul 22 2015
New York City, NY, US / Madison Square Garden

'And the fever, gettin' higher...'

'Singer with a broken finger' in the audience down at the 'e'stage last night. 
Turned out he could hold a tune. 
Welcome on stage Jimmy Fallon for 'Desire', followed by his resident band from the Tonight Show, The Roots,  for 'Angel of Harlem'.

'It's not easy being you, Bono,' said Fallon - as Bono - coming out of Desire. 'Thank you guys so much. You guys are the greatest. How great is tonight?! This is one of the best shows I've ever seen in the history of live concerts. I brought a few friends of mine. If it's alright, I'd like to introduce them to you. From Philadelphia, The Roots, ladies and gentlemen!'

All in all another pretty great show, right from the get go.

'Where we going this evening?' asked Bono after Out Of Control. ' Somewhere we've never been before. That's the promise we make to each other, to escape to the moment this evening.'

And they kept their promise - with the help of another loud, loud audience. 'Thank you for being here for us New York City. We go away, we come back and you're still here.'

Highlights?  Here's two on social media.

Jason Rosenfeld (instagram) : 'U2 at MSG: "The End of the World." Shockingly brilliant theater. Superior sets and choreography. Committed pop art'.

@timneufeld (twitter) : 'Classic U2 irony: a hidden album track called 'Invisible' becomes the anchor of the #U2ieTour. Brilliant.'

Lots of special names in the house too, we noticed Nile Rogers, Alicia Keys, Angelique Kidjo, Helena Christensen, Christy Turlington and Mario Batali along with politicians from all sides of the house. One of them found his lyrics in the set as One featured a chorus of 'All You Need Is Love...' Paul McCartney in the house, 'an activist of the heart, soul and mind'.

Were you at the third show in New York City? What were your highlights? Post your own review and add your photos below.

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Definitely one of the best concerts I've ever seen. Desire with Jimmy Fallon was awesome, and then bringing out the Roots for Angel of Harlem was INSANE! And then the ending with One where everyone was singing along was one of those great moments.
First Trip to NYC
Can't think of a better reason to go to NYC CITY for the first time than to see the band that I have kept close to my heart since I first saw their New Years Day video on MTV many many moons ago. No other band has replaced them in my heart! My fourth time seeing them and my husband's first. Didn't know if any other show could surpass my favorite, The Joshua Tree Show but they did it this night!!!! Spectacular show boys!!!! Special treat seeing Larry Mullen Jr sing on Angel of Harlem.....Damn man is sexy just standing and playing the freaking tambourine!!!! Thank You Bono, Larry, Adam and The Edge. Rock on!!! Never Stop! XOXOXO
Third night at the Garden
U2+MSG=magical celebration
So I wrote a review of the 7/19 show which didn't end up getting posted. I said there that U2 shows at The Garden are always special. The highlight for me on Sunday night was the stirring Stuck in a Moment with an intro by Bono on the power of friendship. Tonight was extraordinary: Jimmy Fallon on Desire, the Roots on Angel of Harlem but the high point was Bono joining the audience on One, really incredible, memorable, wonderful. This was my last show of the tour. Thank you for all the years of tours. With all my heart U2!!!!
We have been at the show (7/22) the sound was awful. Sorry but it is true. Lots of people outside agreed the worst sound in U2 history. Beautiful videoscreen but the soundcheck has not been made properly !
Long time coming for my love!
This night (7/22) has been 24 years in the making for my love... my wife Chelsea. Having been forced to the streets at the age of 14 in 1981, it was U2's music, and Bono's voice, that provided companionship for her and a vision of a better future. In 1991, it was U2's music that was the soundtrack of our incredible life together as it began with Rattle and Hum in the car stereo tape deck. In 2001, it was U2's music, and the Super Bowl tribute of Where the Streets Have No Name that upheld our spirit after 9/11. Tonight, as a celebration of this beautiful woman's 50 years of life this year, we are here from Orlando to experience a dream come true by seeing U2, and NYC, and MSG! We will see you from Section 105, Row 3 tonight, and can't wait to experience the #U2VIP party! Jeff and Chelsea Nevius
I know this song comes and goes, but PLEASE PLEASE play ONE.... on 7/22.... many of my favorite songs don't make it to your tours: Kite, Ultraviolet, Stay. Let me enjoy One, it has always been my favorite part of the shows since I started going in 1997 and this will be my 10th show!
Tues 9 Sept 2014 the day U2 released their Songs of Innocence album, will live in my wife Angela's heart & mine forever. It is also the day Angela's brother Jim aged 52 lost his three year battle with cancer. Jim, like us was a massive U2 fan. Out of tune he would sing loud their songs with passion at family gatherings & partys. We have travelled from Wollongong in Australia to listen & see his/our favourite band live at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday 22 July. In Jim's memory we'll sing the songs for him that night.
Bono NYC
Ooh oohh oohh
Can't wait!!!
I'm sure I'll love everything they play, but I'm really hoping they play Bad, One, and close the show with 40!!!
Still havent found...
So sad waited outside with my 9 year old daughter in the heat in hopes of seeing u2. So sad we didn"t see the band. Still so excited to see the show tonight meeting the band would have been awesome after 34 years! Coming back Thursday to try again!
first show
i've seen every u2 tour since and including unforgettable fire am bringing a friend who has been a long time fan, but has never seen the band live. can't wait to see his reaction in nyc! please surprise us with a ramones cover in nyc--would be more than fitting . . .
Only to be with you
Flying from El Salvador (a particular country), located in Central America, to that show, I guess...(thinking about July, 22 th...) I have climbed the highest mountains I have run through the fields Only to be with you Only to be with you I have run I have crawled I have scaled (NYC) city walls Only to be with you... It´ll be another dream come true...that night with U2. Cindy
my first Concert with you
I`m fascinated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Love you
my first HB with U2
I'm fascinated!!!! I will celebrate my birthday with U2 and all the U2 fans there!!!
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