Nov 7 2015
Glasgow, GB / SSE Hydro

Gloria in Glasgow
'Turning the Hydro into the Barrowlands.' Second night at the SSE Hydro.

Same city, same days of the month  - November 6th and 7th - but thirty one years on. 

Reminiscing on the band's 1984 Barrowlands shows, tonight, said Bono, was all about 'turning the SSE Hydro into the Barrowlands'.

Anyone notice how many of the 27 songs played tonight were on the set list all those years ago? Gloria, I Will Follow, Sunday Bloody Sunday, October, Pride, Bad and 40.

Full report on the way but if you were you at the second night in Glasgow, add your photos and tell us what it was like below.

Live Blog #U2ieTour Social Stream Glasgow 2

Live Blog #U2ieTour Social Stream Glasgow 2

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Two nights in Glasgow!
Some pics from Glagow!
One epic night with loads of old skool zootopians to boot
Nik W
How close? Awesome show as usual but getting a bit old for bouncing around. The show ending with '40' made my night!
U2 GLASGOW 7th November
My 3rd show of the tour.My 24th U2 gig in total.I took my friend Alan with me it was his first U2 show.We got there early,got our place numbers in the queue I was 17th,Alan was 18th.Met some incredible people while waiting,one guy(whose name escapes me) slept in his car for 5 of the 6 London shows.Unbelievable :) Finally were in and up against the barrier,the only person in front of me is Adam Clayton in the Northside. A truly incredible night followed :) Only downside,my phone died so no pictures.So if the Geordie lad who stood next to Alan or Diane the American are out there.I know you took pictures,would be great if you could share :) I'm on facebook Kevin Basting. Thanks U2,Glasgow for a fantastic time :) Now to Dublin and the first night 23rd November :)
From Dubai to Glasgow
Flew in from Dubai to catch my first U2 show since Paris 2005 and it was worth every penny. Great venue and the band were as fresh and exciting as they were when I first saw them in 1981... feel bloody old though!
Thanks so much for a fantastic show in Glasgow on Saturday night. Seen you many times but you just seem to get better each 4 are just pure class. Come back soon. Vicky xxx
Glasgow 7th November
We've been to every tour from the Joshua Tree onwards and in my opinion this was the best yet. (even better than my previous favourite Croke Park 2005) The crowd was right up for a party and with the band finishing with Bad and 40 it made my night. Still get goosebumps yet just thinking about it. Just a shame Jim Kerr & Charlie Burchill thought they were too cool to get up off their backsides and party with everyone else :-) One thing puzzles me though- why not play The Troubles? i think their best song since one.
Amazing show the second night in Glasgow showing what the hydro was built for, until the next time guys.
Pride of Glasgow
Amazing roar from U2 in Glasgow
Best night EVER
Last night was the craziest most exciting night of my entire life. I was unbelievably lucky to be a VIP guest of Bonos for the night thanks to an amazing zootop friend. Got to meet the man himself before the gig and had an experienice that I will never forget. The gig itself was crazy, high energy. It was my 10th i&e gig and the best by far. It was like a massive zootop party at the back of the e stage I will be floating on a cloud for a long long time after this. And we got Shine like stars all thanks to my friend asking bono for it
The best yet!
A truly amazing emotional journey last night!! Great work boys, you over delivered big time!!! Loved Bad & 40.
U2 were on Fire last night and so was the crowd I felt the energy all the way to Montreal Canada from Glasgow what a beautifulend. U2 you are at the top of your career and you keep getting better every time I see you you are the best just love you to pieces. Great great night. Can't wait for you to come back to Montreal we love you here. Xoxo Maria Diorio Montreal's biggest fan
Last night of Glasgow was great one of the best U2 shows I've been to. Bad and 40 were really special and a great way to close the show. Well thats me done now until next U2 tour. Thanks for a really great time ... loved every minute of it =0)
Oh feck..... The 6th in the hydro
Outstanding....... Streets, with or without you, one as a closer..... Seen them several times and on every tour, this was the best. To be honest, saw them on TGI Friday and it didn't come across well but this was simply stunning at the hydro.
U2 in Glasgow!!!!!!
Can't wait to go despite the rain! Bring on Kite, Invisible, Where the Streets Have No Name and One pleeeaaaasssseeeeeeeee!!!!!! LoveU2
New venue
Can't wait til Saturday in Glasgow at the hydro. Smaller venue so hopefully I can see their faces. I'd love them to play Kite, One and Where the streets have no name. So ready for U2 bring it on x
Wouldn't mind
Have previously been to Vertigo and 360 tours. Would have been great to see the band in there earlier years but Joshua Tree only came it, the year I was born. Got my ticket for Saturday. May yet get another for the Friday. Hoping the band have something special for Glasgow. Maybe a couple of the following Gloria 11 O'clock tick tock Lemon Running to stand still (zoo tv version) Every Breaking Wave (MTV music awards version) and any of these not gems would be a rare treat live; Your Blue Room Miss Sarajevo Heartland Mothers of the Disappeared
Just Married -
I am getting married on Friday and my new wife and I will have 'All I Want Is You' as our first dance! We then head to Glasgow to spend our honeymoon at a U2 gig! Cannot wait - just imagine U2 perform it in the set list - if they do then let's hope they dedicate it to Johnny & Nicky!!!
3rd gig
Looking forward to Glasgow on Saturday, anyone know who's supporting? Saw U2 last at Wembley on the 360 tour and Man City on the Vertigo tour. Simply the best group
Both nights, Belfast and last Dublin gig
Glasgow will be special as I will be there with my boy, life complete, only one song I have never heard since seeing them since 1992, Out of Control, then die happy! So jealous of Jmal as I heard the bootleg at barrowlands and it was amazing!, also was in Slane to see sohc, will never forget seeing wtshnm!
Let lightning strike twice this autumn
Tonight (13th Sept) the setlist closed out in Amsterdam with Bad & then 40. I would sit on the floor and cry with joy if this was the end of tonight's show here in Glasgow (07th Nov) After 23 years of seeing them live, this would be A Sort of Homecoming for me... and I agree with stevelayfield.... It's been too long since I've heard New Year's Day.
1st time Scotland gig
Seen a lot of U2 gigs since 1983 Leeds University but this will be the first time in Scotland. Excepting a great atmosphere!! Please play New Years Day!
31 years to the day
First saw the band at The Barrowland on 7 Nov 1984 and every tour in Glasgow since so this will be special and my daughter will be with me for her first indoor U2 gig. I would also love to hear A Sort of Homecoming as its been too long since I last heard it live (Slane Castle, 2001)
Looking forward to Glasgow gig on Saturday show in November. New album is fantastic and would like to hear Sleep like a baby tonight and/or The Troubles. Greats from the past would be In Gods Country & Exit, Sort of Homecoming & Elvis Presley in America (A treat be beyond expectation). What about Lady with the Spinning Head during Intermission?
Bad, Elevation and Breathe
I´ll be there at SSE Hydro at 11/7. I´m a brazilian fan and it´ll be my first concert abroad. Please, if possible to include in the set BAD, ELEVATION and BREATHE. I loved the band! See you in Glasgow! Hugs
Dedicated to my wife Kirsty & my Best Ma
By the time this comes round it will be my 9th U2 Experience. My Innocence was at the SECC on the Zoo TV leg back in '92 when my Best Mate, Carl, lucked out on getting tickets at the last gasp. Tonight will be my wife's 5th U2 gig. Last night we were seated with a great view of the screen, tonight we'll be standing down the front by the "e-stage". Tonight it is the tickets we bought with our pre-sale code. For my wife, Kirsty: All I Want is You (she's never heard it live). For me I just wanna see her smile if the song gets played. Alternatively: Stay for Carl who passed away suddenly in November 2014. I know that as of late May they're not being played on this tour - but I can dream. Thank You to U2 for last night, for still playing live, to Kirsty who shares my passion (and fancies The Edge rotten!), and to Carl if you're looking down tonight.
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