Sep 8 2015
Amsterdam, NL / Ziggo Dome

Two Hearts In Amsterdam

'I can't stop to dance
Honey, this is my last chance
I said, can't stop to dance
Maybe this is my last chance...'

Only the second time on this tour and only the second time in 25 years… 'Two Hearts beat As One' was in the show last night.

Great way to open up a week in Amsterdam. Fuller report on the way, meantime were you at the show? Add your own reviews, favourite moments and photos below.

Live Blog #U2ieTour Social Stream Amsterdam 1

Live Blog #U2ieTour Social Stream Amsterdam 1

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Can't believe 4 years has passed
I still remember this very first U2 show in my life as if it were a couple of hours ago. I came all the way from Japan, which turned out to be the most precious investment in my life. Can't wait to see them in Singapore (not in Japan unfortunately!)
'Wij houden van Amsterdam" You guys rock
U2 has always been great in Amsterdam. 3rd concert I've seen of the band in the main city of the Netherlands and i always have goosebumps till 3 days after! My first one was on 13 July 2005 and rocked my world completely. During the song 'Miracle Drug' I felt so thankful. The encore version of Vertigo was amazing as destribes the audience as the loudest of the tour! :) A few years later 360 tour arrived, back in the Amsterdam Arena, and I knew what to expect, was amazing, Walk on live was great to finally hear! And then there was Ziggo Dome this year! A more intense connection with the audience in a smaller arena indoors. Thanks for bringing 'Gloria' back! Great seeing 'Invisible' live, almost cried during 'Iris' but got back up my feet during the new and classic rock n roll songs, 'Raised by Wolves', 'COBL', Streets, etc. You guys rock my soul! PS: the live version of 'Fly' by Gavin Friday should def. be released! :)
Small, but a great concert
It was small, because i think U2 is to big for a small concert hall. however Ziggodome is a perfect concert arena with a perfect sound! But i missed the experience of a stadium concert or a festival area But he, it is U2, so it was a great concert
Great performance!
city of blinding lights
that was Amsterdam , great city , friendly people , & a special thanks to the folk we met ,, we're just back from the dam , spent 4 days & caught 2 shows .. Outstanding once again U2 , great visuals & some great posing for your fans , wished I could make Ireland
Have been waiting since 1983….
September 9, I especially loved the song 'Iris'' because my father-in-low lost his mother when 15 and he talked about her with me for the first time not long before his own death. I wanted to know all about my husband's grandmother..... The sound of the whole show was that great that I danced all the time. And 'Beautiful day' nearly drove me crazy. Thank you so much you U2-people! This was the first U2-show for me, that I have been waiting for since 1983.
Ziggodome, Sep 8th
Yet another highlight in my U2-concert history. No doubt the band is the best there is! Can not wait to see them again, upcoming Sunday!!
Thanks for two wonderful concerts. Most happy with you playing GLORIA!!!!!
Rolling jos
What a band, what a night, what a show!
Again a great concert with again music surprises, for me at least. Hope you can improve the sound for the following nights, but what a show. Bullit in blue sky remains my all time favorite. Thanks for playing that one as beautiful as never done before. Thanks and till Saturday!
With my 11-year old son at the Ziggo Dom
Hi, I was at the U2 concert, had my 11-year old son on my shoulders for the entire show. We were close to the podium for people with a wheelchair. As I know a number of people took pictures of him, would be great if someone who did could send the picture to, as the one I took turned out to be poor quality. Thanks! Bart
Second show
Show number two (after Chicago). Great Show!! See you again in Cologne and Paris!
A Person I Admire
I had to write a report in school on a person I admire when I was 13 or 14, and I choose Bono. I remember the " I Ain't Gonna Play Sun City" Video had just come out and I referenced it because I thought of how much influence and power such a talented voice had. I wish I had it now, I would give it to you (in exchange for back stage passes ;) I remember it said something like "He really means what he is saying when he is singing about it". Which is so important for youngsters to realize, not to mention how it comes thru artistically. That' all.
What a night
U2 Thanks for An amazing night you've offerd us. After all these years still On top. With tears in my eyes i was listenning to Some songs. Thanks a lot, now up to Antwerp and Paris
8 September Ziggodome U2 Experience In
My Son Yuri saw U2 for te first time and My first time was Rock Werchter 1983! The show ,the lyrics,the People were Great!!The compassion for the huge problems in our World were on screen and felled by us! Open your Heart for everyone! Thanks , we Will do our best. . With love, Yuri andere Ellen
One Love, One Amsterdam!
Thanks guys for another great chapter to the U2 concert history! Again you blew my mind, eyes and ears away with a stunning performance. What a night in Amsterdam! See you again this Sunday! I see only 5 star reviews here in the press! How long to sing this song...? I hope very, very long!!!
Great night!! Thx!!
Great night in Amsterdam, two hours feld like 5 minutes. Thanks for the music! a compilation..
U2 is GREAT !!!!
Shit I am in the hospital
I was so looking forward to the show as a die hard fan. But due to an accident I am in the hospital. The hospital is near the ziggo dome, perhaps one of the guys van come by to see how I am doing?
Let me in the sound
Play "Get on your boots" and ask my wife Astrid to get her boots on stage. Yeah!
My favorite rollercoaster
If its gonna be as good as LA, it will be nights we'll never forget. Two days in my favorite rollercoaster
vincent van der krogt
Countdown has begon!
Yesterday started my holiday, so we will visit the sun till 5th of September and start the countdown till 9th to visit U2 again since 1993 every tour in different countries! Getting nervous!
U2 in Amsterdam
4 times I will see the boys of U2
i'll follow
Hi boys, See you in Amsterdam September 8th with my son Sakho (11) and September 12 with my daughter Getené (13). I know it will be a wonderfull show as it always is, fan since 1981! Thanks guys
Saw U2 in Rotterdam in 1993, Amsterdam 2005 and 2009! This concert will be the best!!!
How about
Doing "A Roxy" in Paradiso or Melkweg in September? Just dreaming out loud..(?) ;-)
Amsterdam. ...
Wish me luck for tomorrow! Seen them since the Joshua tree every tour. So nervous.....
See you in A'dam
Would like to being there
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