Sep 13 2015
Amsterdam, NL / Ziggo Dome

What a way to finish four great nights in Amsterdam. John Noble from the Zoo was in the house again, here's how he found it.

There was something in the air.. a different vibe surrounding night 4 in the Ziggo Dome.

Was it adrenaline, still in the system from night 3? #U2ieTour innocence broken, bit exhausted, still processing all of that? ‘Afterglow’?

Or was it that this was a last night in the city, and that feeling that something really special could kick off… ‘lift off’ as a friend of mine calls it…

From early on it was lift off alright. Vertigo. That intro was nailed to the floor.. timing tight to the millisecond… uno, dos, tres, CATORCE! … that momentary musical stop before ‘Hello Hello’ - timed perfectly with my own heartbeat.

LIFT OFF occurred in that moment. I was already Out Of Control, (back in spot 2 in the set), and so were the GA fans. Bouncing. All of this.. all of this can be yours.

Walk away, walk away. I will follow…. In unison we all sang it. We did follow.

“We come here to surrender… to the higher love.. higher than the soul”

It was great to hear that the band had been spending some time with Anton Corbijn, Bono told us of the day spent with him on Hargen Beach, and that photos taken that day may appear on the Songs Of Experience cover! Wow.

Iris, like last night, had me spellbound. Lost again. Jaw dropped again at the imagery in Cedarwood & Song For Someone (must remember to hold chin next time..)

Read John's full report here - and if you were you at the final night at the Ziggo Dome add your own review and photos here.

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Finally Magnificent was played. I hope it will be performed again on october 14 in Antwerp.
What a great experience and what an energy!! I was there on your last show in Amsterdam You were MAGNIFICENT!! I have a very BEAUTIFUL DAY!!! Thank you so much U2 :-)
A song from No Line appears. Not my favorite but I understand they are going with hits and songs from Songs of Innocence.
Best U2 Gig ever !!!
Blasted away, even this was the third gig for me this week and I knew what was coming....... Saw U2 many times in 34 year since Pink Pop '81.....this was BY FAR the best U2 gig ever !!! This one is in my heart...... my U2 addiction REHAB has been dramaticily failed...... Next year Pink Pop again, would complete my bucket list
awesome night
Thanks very much for this awesome show. Fourth night in Ziggo dome was the best show for me. Bad and 40, as magnificent ending. Thank you guys!!
It was
U2 begins Songs Of Experience in the Net
What an amazing night, 13 Sept! I was lucky to see all 4 gigs, and the last one just blew me away! And even more, I think Holland was part of SOE: There was a photoshoot with Anton Corbijn and we heard Magnificent in a NEW SOUND ! I guess, this will be the fresh, colourful sound of SOE !!
Sooo Happy
Out of Control, Gloria, Bad and 40!! all played in Amsterdam. How lukcy can i be? Very Lucky, Very Happy with all the other great songs. Now on monday afternoon still into the show and will not let go...................
Not Bad at all
The guys brought BAD back to the Netherlands, what a wonderful song that is. And then flowing over in to psalm 40. This was a worthy end to a fantastic visit to my litte country. I will Always Love.
I was not there in body but in spirit I have been following the Amsterdam shows through some good folks inon mixr in our u2 forum and I predicted Bad, 40 and Magnificent and you played it. Great, great shows. Just like Montreal on the first leg. I will follow every show. Thank you. Montreal loves you.
This morning our first granddaughter Noreen was born! Going to see the show tonight! Her dad is coming too! It is a BEAUTIFUL DAY!
come on guys....
play BAD....CRYSTAL BALLROOM and THE TROUBLES for us on sunday!!! :)
Running to stand still
Dear Guys, sunday i am coming to THE concert my request is can u please play RUNNING TO STAND STILL that is still my favorite U2 live song ever ,so i can sing it along with my girlfriend to who i am getting married 9 th of november this year. Many Many thx. See u all september 13th Love, Race!!
Im going from Portugal and i would love you play Bad. Its my 4th show.
I'm at a place called Ziggo (dónde estás
Sunday night I'm taking my 10 year old son Cas to watch his idol Larry play the drums. Cas recently took part in a jam-session drumming Vertigo for a live audience, incredible how proud a father can be...
there are a lot of songs i want to here but i hope u2 will play the old songs more often. please play this night surrender or a sort of homecoming because i will be there in Amsterdam!!
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