Nov 24 2015
Dublin, IE / 3Arena

'Great to be back in McGonagles'
Night two in Dublin and club night at the 3Arena.

'Great to be back in McGonagles' said Bono after I Will Follow, and tonight the 3Arena could have been that fabled Dublin club where the band last played in 1979.

Not that President of Ireland would have been in the audience in 1979. Michael Higgins was here tonight, as was Shane McGowan of The Pogues, 'right in front of you' during Beautiful Day. 

Nor would there have been a Brazilian POP-era Bono, in boxing gown and Fly-shades, up on stage to spar with Songs Of Innocence-era Bono in Mysterious Ways... or shoot the band on camera for a global broadcast of Desire.

Nor would there have been pages falling from the rafters during Until the End of the World, pages from Dante and pages providing information on 'Justice For The Forgotten'. 

Out of Control was back in the set tonight, along with Desire and Angel of Harlem and what about this for a stat from @U2gigs?  Bad tonight was making it's 500th known full performance. Was it ever more spine-tingling, segueuing so beautifully into '40'.

If you were there, you will have known that was some special show. Tell us what it was like and add your photos here.

And check out these great reviews of night one in Dublin, including, in The Irish Independent, a mention of McGonagles... and everywhere else in Dublin the band have played.

'Amazingly, this is the Fab Four's first Irish show in the great indoors since New Year's Eve 1989, in the old Point Depot long before this venue received a 21st-century facelift. It is mind-boggling to look back at it now, but their Dublin gigography includes shows in the Top Hat, Dún Laoghaire, the ill-fated Stardust in Artane, McGonagles on South Anne Street, Harcourt Street's TV Club, and of course, the Baggot Inn...'

And in a concert overflowing with highlights,’ added Eamonn Sweeney. 'Sunday Bloody Sunday' segueing into 'Raised By Wolves', a song about the devastating Dublin and Monaghan car bombs of May 1974, is a stunning, jaw-dropping moment. It proves U2 haven't lost their capacity to interpret the tangled history of this troubled isle and continue to ask searching questions. The song concludes with the simple message: "Justice for the Forgotten."

'As an object lesson in how to stir a capacity audience into a lather of sweat, elation and emotion, it's a seamless, effective piece of work,' reported The Irish Times.  'As an example of rock'n'roll theatre – particularly with a powerful and often mesmerising stage show that on occasion punches the weaker tracks from Songs of Innocence into submission – it is superlative.'

The Irish Mirror put it like this: 'Crowd pleasers Vertigo and I Will Follow really got feet stamping as the four-piece went for a more intimate setting for this tour rather than the huge stadium shows they are famous for.
The sound came evenly and cleanly through huge speakers hung on the ceiling throughout the venue.
No matter where you were sitting, the acoustics were astonishing.'

Were you at the second show in Dublin? Tell us what it was like and post your photos below.

Live Blog #U2ieTour Social Stream Dublin 2

Live Blog #U2ieTour Social Stream Dublin 2

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WOW!! Just Wow!
Best of the 13 shows I have seen live since Popmart! The set list, the energy, the emotion! Streets was like a brand new song. I will never hear it the same way again. October was so simple, yet so powerful, and my faith in humanity was restored a little bit when the crowd erupted in applause and cheers when #RefugeesWelcome was flashed on the screen. Though I live in Vancouver, an ocean & a continent away from Ireland, at the show I felt like part of the Dublin family. A big, loud, raucous, Irish family, complete with drunken hooligans who had to be ejected from the show by the Garda. Cause, you know, Dublin. Bono again thanked the crowd for sticking with them through all the years. Well, you know what Bono? Fans can be very fickle creatures, and they wouldn't stick with you guys if you didn't continue to create such beautiful, inspiring, relevant, and just generally awesome music, & put on the best live show of anyone out there! The kind of show people will fly halfway around the world to see! So THANK YOU! All 4 of you, for bringing such joy to us!
Breathtaking Privilige
Thank you for being a part of your reunion with your hometown, and for sharing some of the most memorable moments of your lives with us. Thank you so much. Anne and Gitte from Copenhagen
Underground Oldenzaal I was a boy 1990! I taped the New Years concert live from Dublin City! We? Were out of control. Love and Light my way to VertiGo. Miss You Sugar. . .. ... ....
You and I have been here before.....Dec
First time I saw U2 was in the Point and it blew me away. 26 years later and...still blown away! I've seen this band many times since but never this close. Tried to keep the camera down so I could just experience the gig but when this happens!! Nobody does it like you guys! What a night.
Cacau & Junio
Dublin here we go !
New Zealand to Dublin
My Dream too,to see the lads play at home ! All the way from TeAwamU2 NZ
Dream out Loud
I have been dreaming of seeing U2 live in Dublin since I was 16. I am now 48 years old, and I'm going to three shows! Coming all the way from Southern California!!
A 1st for the Innocence
Happy Days for my Daughter (11) her 1st U2 GIG , She knows every word of Innocence album , will fill in for Bono if his voice goes ,, SHE ROCKS ::::)
The initial shock of getting my pre-sale tickets online yesterday is over. Reality is hitting me today. Going to see U2 in Dublin. Wow! My wife and I need to travel half way around the world to get Dublin for the 24/11 show. Lots to plans. Super excited.
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