The Joshua Tree Tour 2017

May 26 2017
Dallas, TX, US / AT&T Stadium
with The Lumineers

When & Where
Friday, May 26th 2017. AT&T Stadium, Arlington (Dallas), Texas. Night seven of #U2TheJoshuaTree2017

Set List
The opening: Sunday Bloody Sunday and New Year’s Day, with the return of Bad to the first act, followed by Pride. (A Sort of Homecoming still hasn’t made its, well, homecoming to the set list since it was last played in Santa Clara on May 17.) Miss Sarajevo made its earliest debut in the set list, opening the encore. And in the second encore the band surprised the ebullient Dallas audience by switching to I Will Follow (instead of The Little Things That Give You Away) to close the show. 

Here’s the set list from Dallas.

Social Post 
From @teacheronradio  ‘The left & the right & everyone in between are One, at least in the big tent of this football stadium. #U2JoshuaTreeTour2017 #Bono preach!’

In The Press
From The Fort Worth Star-Telegram:  ‘If U2’s “The Joshua Tree” tour has shown fans and critics anything aside from one of the most well executed performances of 2017, it’s that rock’s most outspoken frontman is more than equal to the fast and furious news cycle associated with a Donald Drumpf presidency.

‘The question, “how politcal is Bono going to get tonight?” must have crept into almost every mind filling AT&T Stadium Friday night in a set set that included all 11 tracks from what is widely considered to be U2’s best effort to date, “The Joshua Tree,” released 30 years ago. But to get swept up in eyerolls over 80,000 “snowflakes” having a love-in at the house that capitalism built was to miss the point entirely. Whatever side of the aisle you’ve planted yourself upon, Bono made the grandest of arguments for his brand of inclusivity, throwing bones to both the political left and the right along the way, while his band simply killed it all the way through.

‘There is almost no other way to put it.’

If You Had To Pick One Song
Red Hill Mining Town 
‘We see love, slowly stripped away/Our love has seen its better day’
From @JasonThein: As I watch tonight in Dallas, despite these times, @U2 reminds me what America was and can be. I hope we live up to their faith in us.

When the band finished playing RHMT, Bono turned to the audience and said: “For 30 years we never played that song. Thirty years! Couldn’t figure it out. Just figured it out. Sometimes it’s like that and a song feels more relevant now than it did then. Even more relevant.”

What (else) did Bono Say?
Bono introduced ‘One Tree Hill’ by telling the story of the band’s friend, Greg Carroll, whose death in a 1986 motorcycle accident in Ireland inspired it. “He came to Dublin. We all kind of adopted him or maybe it was him adopting us,” Bono said of Carroll, a Maori native of New Zealand, who worked with the band as a crew member. “He was just the most beautiful soul. We were friends, we were comrades, and then we lost him. So we wrote this song for him…It’s for anyone who has lost a beautiful soul.”

Top Review on
Posted by Acrobat_on_a_Wire: 'Before last night, I was certain no U2 concert could top Zoo TV (which I saw at the now demolished Texas Stadium in 1992). But I was wrong. The bands reinterpretation of the Joshua Tree along with the mostly black-and-white short films gave new life to one of my favorite albums. I love every second of it and would gladly wait in line again (but not for a little while because my back is killing me). So now this is my top U2 concert, until they do the Achtung Baby tour (right?).'

And if you were at the AT&T Stadium, tell us what it was like. Add your own review and photos below.

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    Sao Paulo - last show of The Joshua Tree Tour 2017. Video by
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    A Sort of Homecoming
    Mysterious.... why Homecoming disappears after four shows. I'm sensing a lot of u2 fans are anxious the may not hear this remarkable song. Is Chi-town the place for where the metaphor of the U-F Fire may materialize with a Homecoming! Ohh someone just tell Larry :-) he'll get it done !!! I'm from Boston, saw two shows in Pasadena (Bullet - Searing, and Exit - Very Powerful) and will be rockin at Soldier Field next weekend... Would love to hear Miracle Drug, Drowning Man, Breath, or my favorite which seems to be the real song about America "Heartland".... see U there
    U2 has woven their songs through our sto
    U2 brought my husband and I together in 1990, and now we are here in Arlington, Texas celebrating with our beautiful kids! Thanks for playing "their" songs back to back! Beautiful Day and Elevation! Each one has special meanings for all of us. We love you guys!
    U2 Joshua Tree Dallas better than McNich
    30 years ago I stood in McNichols Arena in Denver taking in what I would come to compare every concert experience to. It was prior to finding my wife, having my kids, or even getting a job. I was fairly young and impressionable and got to experience a musical masterpiece. Fast forward 30 years and I can say again I have witnessed another musical masterpiece. The Joshua Tree album was released on my birthday in 1987 and will forever be a part of me. From the opening drum intro from Larry Mullen Jr. On Sunday Bloody Sunday to Bono telling The Edge we can do this and finishing with I will follow. It was a trip back in time and timeless. Bono, Edge, Adam, and Larry you did not disappoint. Had the concert ended with 40 we'd all still be singing. #U2JoshuaTreeTour2017
    What a fantastic show! Breathtaking visuals and amazing sound! I hope the guys noticed my roses!!
    u2 heals my soul again
    I needed this show. I needed it to heal me and boy did it ever. Not only did I dance, like I was reliving the 1987 Baton Rouge show, I got to sing and dance alongside my wife and best friend of 21+ years in an open area for the whole show up on the 3rd level. Wow did we ever let it go all through the inspirational opening and presentation of the Joshua Tree and all the way through the encores with nothing left physically but U2 adrenaline to keep us going. Admittedly, the dancing kept a lot of the show watching to a minimum but I needed the boys and they came thru town at the right time and made me realize why I have invested in so much of their music. Still feeling the u2 high 3 days later and wish I could see them again tonight, tomorrow and forever.
    Texas two step-Houston and Dallas
    Wow...what a pleasure to see this again! Great visual and audio production. Keep it up boys!
    Never Give Up
    Thank you U2 for coming to Dallas! Two years ago, I spontaneously planned a once in a life time road trip for myself and four members of my family to see you in the city of lights, since there was no stop in Dallas on the IE tour. Unfortunately, that attempted experience was thwarted by the Paris terror attacks. We were only 10 mins to the south of the attack on the bistro. We were frightened, saddened and upset by the senseless violence. We spent the night in a bar with other citizens of the world celebrating Life, Love, and Peace for ALL of humanity. TONIGHT, we were able to celebrate with YOU finally, to enjoy your music and your message of love. Thank you thank you thank you! Emotional night indeed! I have attempted to attach photos of us; one as we were leaving our VRBO in Paris holding up peace symbols and another of us outside ATT Stadium doing same. Thank you again... for everything you do and represent for ALL of us!
    Thank U2
    Feeling truly Blessed, as you have once again Filith our cup over. You bring much more than music you bring an experinace Sincerely, Isaiah
    Wonderful evening with friends
    Our 2nd U2 concert. We can't wait for the 3rd one so we can bring our daughter with us!
    Waited way to long to see U2 live...couldn't have picked a better concert. Worth the wait! #AT&TCenter #U2TheJoshuaTree2017.
    Altering the shape of our spine
    Bono sang the last lyric of New Year's Day...and so we're told this is the golden age / and gold is the reason for the war's we wage ...first time I've ever heard him do that in all the shows I've been to or listened to so thank you for the chills...also, Bad, some pretty good on the spot lyrics being sung always in the moment alive with the sound. JT set proves Bono could always play the harmonica and play it like a Memphis blues man. Special show.
    What a Show
    We had such a great time seeing U2 at Cowboys Stadium. My wife and I saw U2 perform their 360 Concert here as well in 2009. I would say this concert was our favorite. We were able to bring our 15 year old son to experience the show with us. He loves U2. Sound quality was great in the 2nd level where we were seated. The visuals from that screen were so amazing. I always like that the band chooses to use technologies that other bands aren't using. Having trouble expressing in words how great U2 is live. Only thing is.....I never want the show to be over :( We will be talking about this one for a long time. Thanks U2 for all the great memories. May you all keep rocking!
    Full Circle
    I've lost count of how many times I've seen U2... but I can say, without question, this was the best show I've personally seen them perform. It started with a 4 song set that hit the high points off War & The Unforgettable Fire - context to the main story, an album that defined a band and a generation. Then, as the storytellers they are, they gave us some of the best of what came after that seminal album — the places where the music & the humanitarian efforts were all one beautiful thing — before bringing the show full circle landing us at the beginning: 1980, track 1, I Will Follow. I hope the sea of humanity at my back followed the narrative, because it was impressive. This band has always been one of righteous indignation. And we are living in the most indignant of times, yet, "All are welcome tonight," Bono declared to the fans in Dallas, "those on the left and those on the right and everyone in between." True to his word, the band mocked Trump and his rabble rousing ways (with a gem of an archival cinema find!) in one breath while praising George W. Bush's – and the American taxpayer's – AIDS activism in the next. Sure, the subtext came to the surface a little – it wouldn't be U2 if it didn't – but, for the most part they stuck to singing the songs with all the passion they could muster. And there I was on the rail my wife, Allison, my best friend, the ultraviolet who's lit my way for 20 years. Together, we sang our hearts out, tears rolling down our cheeks at times. The experience was visceral, it was perfect.
    Rocked Jerry World with this one.
    Hey Joe !
    Great to see Joe looking so good and filling the AT&T in Dallas with glorious sound.Good to see you my friend.
    After all these years
    Been going to your shows for decades now and Dallas was one of the best yet, my sons first show . loved the simplicity and artistry of the set design. Much love for the love you give...,, please keep doing what you do!
    Dallas, TX
    It was an amazing show!!!!
    U2 Joshua tree Dallas
    What an incredible show - loved the stage setup my wife & I were on the floor by the soundboard so the sound was amazing - thank you for coming back to Dallas to play & loved hearing I Will Follow again - cool to hear a shout out to Club Foot in Austin - that is where I saw U2 on the Boy tour
    Amazing Show
    U2 sounded great! What an amazing show. The video board was huge! Still have my original Joshua Tree CD.
    Where the Streets have no name
    Religious experience
    Before last night, I was certain no U2 concert could top Zoo TV (which I saw at the now demolished Texas Stadium in 1992). But I was wrong. The bands reinterpretation of the Joshua Tree along with the mostly black-and-white short films gave new life to one of my favorite albums. I love every second of it and would gladly wait in line again (but not for a little while because my back is killing me). So now this is my top U2 concert, until they do the Achtung Baby tour (right?).
    Technical difficulties
    Technical difficulties at first but ironed out by the end of NYD. The venue's acoustics of the stadium were less than ideal but overall a good show, lads!
    1st U2 show was ZOO TV at Texas Stadium Oct 91 I was 16, saw again elevation Dallas 2001?, Vertigo April 2005, and 360 Norman, Oklahoma, took my kids (including my then 16 yr old son,Bono. Waiting now to see The Joshua Tree lve songs I've never heard live (like One Tree Hill, Exit, Mothers , etc) and my wife's 1st U2 show, waiting now for U2 to take the stage, will be electric in here
    Road trip!!!
    So excited to finally see them again. Joshua Tree is still my favorite all time "cassette" lol
    30 Years Ago
    My 1st U2 show, April 10, 1987 in Las Cruces NM. Missed some tours, then we got Elevated in Phoenix, April 28, 2001. Raised a family and missed some more tours. After Bono recup'd from his back surgery, 360º in Denver, May 21, 2011. Brought our two girls to this one, and apologized afterward for ruining every concert they would ever see in their future. But I was wrong, we'll see you in Dallas with the girls and their "boys." I bet it equals or tops 360º, because the closer we get to that place high on a desert plain, the better we get.
    I Will Follow
    please please please play I WILL FOLLOW in Dallas
    A Sort of A Homecoming
    I will make this trip in honor and remembrance to one of best guitarists and biggest U2 and Cowobys fans I've ever met ... David Adams. We miss you and remember you Shredder Dave.
    U2 on Bob Dylan's birthday!!!
    My father was a huge Dylan fan. Sometimes I think I'm so in love with music because my parents grow me with their own special soundtrack. My huge love is U2 and I've always felt a great connection with my dad everytime we talked about music, and some special feeling was in the air every time we listened to U2 covering a Bob Dylan's song. Things turned magic whenever we listened to U2 or Bono playing or singing WITH Bob! This said, as my father died two years ago, I've been missing so much those special moments. And my heart jumped in my throat when I realized that I was really really going to attend a U2 show on Bon Dylan's birthday. I really really hope that the band will celebrate this event with a Dylan song. My dad will appreciate from wherever he is now. And I will feel to be in connection with him once again.
    5th Show and Counting!
    My first show was Popmart in San Antone, Horizon & Vertigo at AA in Dallas, and U2360 at ATT Stadium. I am blessed and fortunate to say that I again will be at Jerry's casa for the one show that got away Nov 87 in Austin (circa... still in high school in south Texas). To all the countless U2 greatest of fans out there, I will be with 80,000+ of you on May 26. Cheers!
    11th show for me
    and 5th time overall seeing them in Dallas, second in Jerryworld. Can't wait!!!
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