The Joshua Tree Tour 2017

Jun 7 2017
Pittsburgh, PA, US / Heinz Field
with The Lumineers


Set List
The opening: Sunday Bloody Sunday and New Year’s Day, into Bad (replacing A Sort of Homecoming, which re-appeared for the second show in Chicago last weekend.) Happy Birthday made a second appearance this tour when Bono got the audience to sing for Jake Berry, production director for The Joshua Tree 2017 Tour. (At the first Chicago show, the band serenaded Island Records founder Chris Blackwell who was in the audience.) The encore began with Miss Sarajevo and ended with the new tune ‘The Little Things That Give You Away,’ which Bono calls ‘the last song on the album,’ i.e. the forthcoming ‘Songs of Experience.’

Social Post
From @JEFFREINHART77: 'Pittsburgh = Wow. No words. Amazing live. Blown away #U2JT30'

In The Press
From The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: ‘When U2 played Three Rivers Stadium on a bitter-cold night in October 1987 on “The Joshua Tree” tour, the band played eight songs from its majestic new album. On Wednesday night at Heinz Field, the Rock and Roll Hall of Famers returned on the Joshua Tree Tour 2017 to finish the job. Magnificently. ‘’Here we still are, here you still are,” Bono said. “What a blessing.”… U2 began with a few songs that showed how the band climbed up to “The Joshua Tree,” starting with “Sunday Bloody Sunday” from 1983’s “War,” the album that put U2 on the stadium track. Bono’s first words “I can’t believe the news today” — referring to British troops firing on a peaceful protest in Northern Ireland in 1972 — certainly strike a chord with a 2017 audience that sees its share of bad news almost daily. ‘Bono, in fine voice, toyed with the words, singing “Fact is fiction, and reality TV” as The Edge played the stabbing riffs that echoed beautifully around the stadium. They stuck with “War” for the equally anthemic and fiery “New Year’s Day.”...'

If You Had To Pick One Song
'The Little Things That Give You Away'
'It’s the little things that give you away/ The words you cannot say/Your big mouth in the way…'

From @BLUE_JAY_FILMS: 'The Little Things That Give You Away is now one of my all-time favorite @U2songs. It's catchy yet heartbreaking. #U2TheJoshuaTree2017

What (else) did Bono Say?
Between Ultraviolet and One, Bono talked at length about the ONE Campaign, the incredible strides made in combatting HIV/AIDS—‘Today 18 million people take just one pill a day and it keeps them alive’—and the role the United States and its taxpayers have had in that progress.

‘This is an heroic American story. This country does incredible things…when people who don’t normally hang out together start hanging out,’ he said. ‘Punk rockers and priests, soccer players and soccer moms, you know what I’m talking about. We can disagree about almost everything if the one thing we agree upon is important enough.’

And as the band walked off stage at the end of the encore he turned to the cheering crowd and said: ‘Go The Steelers!’

If you were at the Pittsburgh show, tell us what it was like. Add your own review and photos on our tour pages here.


    Sao Paulo - last show of The Joshua Tree Tour 2017. Video by
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    U2 The Joshua Tree 2017
    I was 7th row in 1987 at Three Rivers Stadium, tickets purchased through my U2 World Sevice membership, cutting my classes at IUP to see the lads on a weekday in Pittsburgh. We stood on wooden chairs for hours, but it was worth every minute of it. 30 years later we were on the rail by Larry's drum kit on the Tree stage being treated to an intimate performance for part of the show. We sang our hearts for two hours. The full Joshua Tree performance was such a treat. Red Hill was fantastic, One Tree Hill and Mothers were also fabulous. But closing the show with Little Things was the highlight(besides Bad, of course). The boys jammed right in front of us and the song is just plain awesome. A great experience all around. 30 years later The Joshua Tree is still an epic album and will remain so.
    Tripped Through The Wired
    I flew 30 hours total from the Philippines to watch this show. (They don't play SEA.) From Sunday Bloody Sunday to the end, I was singing my heart out! U2 always exceeds my expectations!
    U2 Pittsburgh
    What a great show! I was also at the original Joshua Tree tour in Pittsburgh at Three Rivers Stadium (and every show in Pittsburgh since).
    Making friends from around the world! U2 forever! #U2The JoshuaTreeTour2017
    Amazing! Awaiting more!
    The Edge and U2 are the best.
    We had an amazing time at the Pittsburgh show in the Red Zone. I brought my wife and 14 year old daughter and 12 year old son. We came from Dallas for it. It was my 19th U2 show dating back to 1987 when I saw them on the original JT tour in St Paul, MN. My son got the setlist at the end of the show and the icing on the cake was when my son and daughter saw Edge at our hotel after the show and he signed the setlist. The band was staying there. Can't wait for the new album.
    Silver and Gold
    Love it, we are hearing songs from 30 years ago, some almost never played live, But when you throw in Elevation, and Beautiful Day, it ruins it. Instead, play Silver and Gold, Spanish Eyes, Joshua Tree? Rattle and Hum era songs, even The Wire. Get the crowd excited!
    Bullet the Blue Sky/Pittsburgh
    The visuals and imagery used behind 'Bullet the Blue Sky' was AWESOME. It is such a powerful song on it's own but with the technology it really rocked. Thank you !!
    What an Amazing 30 yr Celebration
    My first tour was Joshua Tree so only fitting that I traveled to my favorite city in my favorite team's stadium to see them on a 30th anniversary to me as well. They were amazing. I am so glad I decided to get a GA ticket and go by myself. Meeting some amazing fans and had a Beautiful Day!!
    JESS/Original Species
    I think "Original of the Species" would be a thing of beauty live. (In Boston)
    Edge on fire in the Burgh!
    He's not just The Man, he's The Band! Edge was on FIRE Wednesday night in Pittsburgh. His guitar playing was better than I have ever heard him play. He was extremely "into it". I think the entire band is really enjoying this tour!
    Awesome as usual!
    Man, they came out swinging! Totally into it, and brought the crowd with them. Taken to a higher place. Again.
    jim trevethan
    Drove in from Cleveland to see U2 at Heinz Field. The show was amazing. All the songs had a little more edge to them than years past and left a thundering sound in Pittsburgh. From Sunday Bloody Sunday to The Little Things. Just pure and raw energy from U2 that was mirrored from the crowd. I can't wait to see them again in Cleveland.
    October 13, 1987
    My first U2 show at Three Rivers Stadium...remember climbing the fence in the upper deck so we could see...haven't missed a tour since. Couldn't be more excited. See you all tomorrow!
    We can hear you!!
    So excited for tomorrow!! I really hope "The Miracle (of Joey Ramone)" is added to the set list. Love the song and I didnt get to make I&E because there wasnt a Pittsburgh date. I love "Bad" too. 360 was an incredible experience!! U2 never disappoints!! So excited!!
    "Hit em in the Hein(z)"!!
    Excited to be in Pittsburgh with the band..Last time 2015 in Chicago GA, but elbow room tough for the vertically challenged in yours truly, the better half, and especially my 9 year old. Now 11, we all have seats, and are still vertically challenged. Seats are way back but we're in! See you all next week!
    General Admission--Pittsburgh--Best time
    Hi, I'll be at the Pittsburgh concert--so excited--and this will be the first I've done general admission for a U2 concert. I've been in Red Zone and in seats before. For those more experienced--what is the best entrance gate and when does the line start forming???? I know there is a lot of experience out there! Looking for tips and wisdom to get in up front.
    good tour
    been enjoying the live streams from all the cities only thing i would hope for is miss sarajevo be sung all the way by bono when we see them here in pitt,fans come to hear you
    Set list for Pittsburgh
    I just saw that "Little Things" didn't close the show in Dallas last night. It has quickly become a favorite of mine. I hope it ends our show! But "Bad" is truly the highlight of any show for me.
    Erin Go Bragh-less
    It's going to be a blast
    One of six shows. Going GA because it's the only way to go! :)
    Pittsburgh 30 years later
    I was in the 7th row on the floor for the Joshua Tree in October 1987. Nine of us will be in the GA line ready to be up close again. We're getting ready.
    slyfox 72114
    VIP Party in Pittburgh!!!
    We won the VIP Backstage Pass in Chicago a couple of years ago and looking to repeat in pitt!
    tix bought
    bought 6 tix for myself,gf,2 of my sons and thier gf's.Saw them when they last played in pittsburgh and cant wait to see them again.Im hoping they play more than just the joshua tree songs.Ordinary love is the song that got my sons into listening U2 so hopefully they can fit that in
    The first time I saw U2 was during the 1987 Joshua Tree tour, so the 2017 JT concert will bring back great memories. Can't wait.
    Cannot wait to take my son to this - will be his first concert!
    So excited
    I am so excited to see my favorite band in Pittsburgh!!!!
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