The Joshua Tree Tour 2017

Jun 11 2017
Miami, FL, US / Hard Rock Stadium
with OneRepublic


When & Where
Sunday, June 11th 2017. Hard Rock Stadium, Miami, Florida. Night 12 of #U2TheJoshuaTree2017

Set List
The opening: Sunday Bloody Sunday, New Year's Day, Bad, and Pride opened the show. A six-song encore followed The Joshua Tree, closing the night with a new entry to the tour setlist: Vertigo! 
Here's the complete set list from Miami.  

In The Press
South Florida Sun-Sentinel
'Addressing a crowd dotted with Irish flags, Colombian flags, Venezuelan flags, Brazilian flags and rainbow flags, bandleader Bono interrupted a version of "Bad," with a request. "Permit us a meditation on your country," he said, before leading the audience in several full-throated repetitions of a refrain from "America" by Simon and Garfunkel: "All come to look for Amehhh-rica."
It was one of many reminders during the night of the singular power of U2, among pop-music acts, to create moments of surprising intimacy that unite tens of thousands of people, singing along for most of the night, in an almost literal group hug...'

If You Had To Pick One Song
'Mothers of the Disappeared'
'In the wind we hear their laughter/In the rain we see their tears.'

From @ariodzernbc6 : 'So many transcendent moments at tonight's @U2 show in Miami. One of my favorites was Mothers of the Disappeared.' 

What (else) did Bono Say?
'It's mass movements that change history. I think that's something to always hold onto—the power of the people is so much stronger than the people in power,' Bono said during the intro to One, where he talked about the tangible difference organized groups (such as The ONE campaign and its 8 million members around the globe) can make toward making the world a more equitable place. 'The government should fear the people not the other way around,' he said, giving shout outs to Tom Freston (Chairman of the Board for ONE) and U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, a Miami native and longtime supporter/collaborator with the ONE Campaign. 'I want to thank him tonight,' Bono said of Rubio. "These budget cuts by this president could undo the work, the great work, of the United States of America. So send him a message. This country does incredible things when it works together as one." 

As the show concluded in the tropical heat of south Florida, Bono thrilled the crowd by shouting 'MIAMI, MY MAMMY!'  a line from 'Miami,' a rarity from the Pop album. (The band hasn't played 'Miami' live since Sept. 11, 1997 in Lisbon, Portugal.)

Top post from
From wahine: 'Oh My God...Thank you Lord for bringing U2 to Florida on this one year anniversary of the terror attack at Pulse in Orlando!! Thank you THANK YOU!!!! IT SOUNDS MIRACULOUS TONIGHT FROM HERE ON THE SPACE COAST!!'

If you were at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, tell us what it was like. Add your own review and photos below, and also enjoy our social feed from the show.

    Sao Paulo - last show of The Joshua Tree Tour 2017. Video by
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    Amazing show
    2nd time at the same stadium (1997 and now). 2nd row in front of the band. I can't beleive it!
    A dream came true
    I had a blast! It was my forth U2 concert, but first time on the floor. I stayed near the tree, very close to Larry, and it was amazing! The people, the energy, the songs! Thank you, U2, for the best time ever! I can't wait to meet you in Sao Paulo!
    U2 in Miami............... Brutallllll
    Excelente Show
    My rings together again!
    A looong wait ... Last time I wore my rings was in Brazil, 2011, such a wonderful night at 360ª. I had to go to somewhere to see you and The Joshua Tree Tour, so I came all the way to Miami, my mammy. OMG, so amazing! I thought Brazil was going to be forgotten. Luckely it was not. Next time I will wear my rings : October 21st, in Sao Paulo. I'm hangin' on to see you again! Luv U forever!
    Incredible show! It is my third time 2011 u2 360 la plata April 2th 2015 i.e. Madison square garden July 22 th PLEASE ADD ANOTHER SHOW IN BOGOTA, tickets were sold in 2 hours, many people can't bought it. I want to see you again, in my country
    The second best show of the tour was in
    Thank you God for making the day 06/11/2017 stay marked in my life. Thanks U2. Thank you God for allowing me to be there, together with everyone, honoring the best songs. Aguardando Outubro, para o melhor show que será no Brasil !!!
    Miami.... My Mammy
    Excelente concierto. Fui desde Venezuela para verlos y cada show es impresionante. A pesar del inconveniente que tuvo The Edge con la guitarra y la supuesta pérdida de la misma al final del show, fue un gran concierto. SalU2 a todos
    Awesome show
    I was waiting for this moment for a long time.
    Great time never forget.
    Awesome time. I was waiting for this moment for a long years.
    Nicas at U2
    I have been a fan since I was 13 back in 1993. A friend of mine was a radio DJ at a radio station back in Nicaragua. I have been to only 5 shows now, but I wish they could be more. This was my first time at the GA. Despite the wait, the humidity and the heat waves, it was worth it. See how you guys still enjoy what you do was awesome, eventhough you were also suffering with the HEAT. I missed "A sort of Homecoming" but you played "New Year's Day" which was among my favorites of the night. as it also was "Bullets in the Blue Sky", "Mothers of the disappeared" (being from Nicaragua it means a lot) and "One Tree Hill" when Bono said: "(Victor) Jara sang, his song a weapon, in the hands of love, you know his blood still cries from the ground". I almost cried. And of course the beautiful "Miss Sarajevo". Thank you guys.
    Religious experience with U2 at Hardrock
    Words can't possibly say enough about this show. Great message, incredible musicianship and of course the power of Bonos voice and lyric. U2 at their absolute best. I felt lucky to be part of it.
    Springsteen fan loving U2 , again ...
    6 out of 10
    This may seem a bit "sacrilegious" as there a few bigger U2 fans than myself. I thought the show was a 6 out of 10. It started out fantastic: SBS, NYD, Bad, Pride, WTSHNN... Then it lulled at Red Hill Mining Town and struggled to get going again - for me anyway. I HATE the new version of RHMT. The lower key sucks the emotion from the song. I understand why he needs to drop it due to the degree of difficulty singing it as recorded (or even in their typical half-step down when live), but nonetheless, it is how I feel. The horns give it an "easy-listening" vibe and the horn players staring me in the face is distracting. The side shot they go to half-way through the song seems amateurish and unfinished. The reflection of the camera crew is in the tuba! It seemed like someone filmed it with an iPhone. Trip Through Your Wires was great. One Tree Hill was great, but the end (the "raining in your heart" lines...) seemed to me as if Bono was phoning it in just trying to get to the end. Exit was fantastic, and MOTD superb. The encore really left me flat. Miss Sarajevo is a stinker. On that note it seems as if the band are trying to address a political message (that they have every right to do) but chose an old song from the catalog and tried to pound the round peg into a slightly oval hole. In the old days U2 would pen a new song to declare their stance not reach back 20 years and re-purpose old material. Ultraviolet was great once you get past the visual of Lena Dunham being elevated to the same level as Malala Yousafzai. One was great, but lackluster. I miss the old days when One wasn't preceded by five minutes of petition-talk and foundation and political shoutouts. Again, a repurposed song that seems a bit forced (in my humble opinion). Beautiful Day, Elevation, and Vertigo seemed the worst way to end. While BD still is a decent song I don't for the life of me understand why Elevation and Vertigo made the cut. Come on boys, millions of us would so much rather hear A Sort of Homecoming early on so one of these "bubblegum" songs could be cut. Even a closer like Miracle of Joey Ramone would have made sense since so many of relate to hearing Joshua Tree as that moment when music made sense of the world. So to summarize, it was okay, but I'd say it was the least impressive of the 6 shows I've attended. We were ten feet from the B-stage, but it felt as if crowd interaction was at an all-time low. The Edge seemed off. There were guitar issues that started with Pride, and Edge never came to the B stage again after he left in the midst of Pride. Not sure if the ungodly humidity was causing signal issues with his guitar, but I had hoped he'd come to the B-stage more. Bono only came back for a few brief moments during Exit, Ultraviolet, and One. The visuals were stunning during the first side of Joshua Tree, but (again in my opinion) seemed distracting during the second half (with the exception of MOTD - Wow- the way they bring in the mothers holding the candles was phenomenal). I LOVE U2, but U2 is better when they are showcasing songs they just created and are still passionate about. Joshua Tree was one of the best albums of all time, and they did a great job playing the old songs, but to me, it just seemed like they were going through the motions a little. Instead of simply celebrating the 30th birthday of one of the best rock albums of all time they chose to try and translate their creative expressions from 1987 into 2017. To me is seems like when they met to decide the tour setlist they said "We should lead into the album by playing the seminal songs that led to the Joshua Tree, then we will do the album in its entirety, then instead of picking amazing songs we will instead select political causes and recycle old songs that can be interpreted to show solidarity the cause, then we close with three up-tempo pop songs to leave on a high note." They have every right to repurpose songs as the songs belong to them, but I'd rather hear new expressions from them. I hate to think it, but I don't know if I would be willing to pay more than cheap seats to see U2 in a stadium again. Small venues yes, but that is my humble opinion as a massive U2 fan. On a side note, One Republic was an amazing opening act. Even in the sunlight and heat they were totally engaging and musically on point. Kudos to them for an awesome opening act.
    U2 never disappoints
    This was my 54th show since the 1980's (saw Joshua Tree in 1987 7 times) and brought my mother and kids for their first. Everyone loved the show - which I knew they would! I only wish that you would have played October or 40 to end....I love all albums but the sentimental me loves the early stuff!
    U2 Miami
    What an amazing show! Thank you U2! 30 years later you still rock!
    Even Better Than The Real Thing
    Just when you thought The Joshua Tree 1987 was the bomb...
    Love the list of inspirational women on screen during Acrobat. Surprised Margaret Thatcher was missing??
    U2 Colombia
    Finally U2 in Colombia. We have been waiting for U2 for more than 3 decades. I hope they close with Pride (In The Name Of Love) since Colombia is in the peace process and display the Colombian Flag in the beautiful 4K SPACEFRAMETM.... people would go nuts..
    1,2,3 14 !!!! AWESOME
    More than just a band.
    As any U2 fan will tell you, they're more than just a band. They are caring, unselfish human beings that happen to be incredibly talented. God Bless them.
    Thanks for the memoroes
    I felt like my a 13 year old self screaming all the lyrics out to The Joshua Tree Last night. Thanks for the memories. Amazing to hear the album live from beginning to end. Can't wait to see you in Tampa!
    Great show I Miami
    A very high energy set which mixed up the expected order. From the cold open Sunday Bloody Sunday, having With or Without you in the first 30 min all the way through to the cold stop of Vertigo to end the night. Great show and more memories made tonight.
    I come from Argentina to see you. You are the best. See you again on october!
    UK Arrival
    Travelled the world to see the icons of is Miami day.....buzzing, just BUZZING!!!
    Please play BAD
    Really want to finally hear that song live, after multiple shows.
    Miami... SunPass
    After days of rain and thunderstorms... enough to fill an ark... daybreak Sunday June 11th... sunshine... the luck of the Irish... and all of us here in Miami!
    this time tomorrow night we will be jamming!!! Can't wait, so excited. Hope you will play a bit of 'Miami' and maybe even Crumbs!?!?!?!?!?
    Flying from S Ã O P A U L O to Florida
    Vertigo Tour :) U2 360 Tour :) The Joshua Tree Tour Miami and The Joshua Tree Tour Brazil. Woooohoooooo! See uU2! ..29 years old in the U2 family
    Please Play BAD
    Flying from El Salvador to see you and I hope to listen Bad live. Please, Larry, David, Adam And Paul Pleseeeeee I want to listen that song.
    The Edge rules
    U2 fan in Grand Cayman
    Will be making the trip up for my 11th U2 show (from PopMart onward) and my 13 year old son's 1st one. Looking forward to introducing him to the magic that is a U2 show.
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