The Joshua Tree Tour 2017

Jun 20 2017
Washington, DC, US / FedEx Field
with The Lumineers


When & Where
Tuesday, June 20th 2017. FedEx Field, Summerfield, Maryland (aka Washington, DC). Night 16 of #U2TheJoshuaTree2017

Set List
The opening: Sunday Bloody Sunday, New Year's Day, Bad, and Pride opened the show. Tuesday was World Refugee Day and an especially poignant Miss Sarajevo (aka 'Miss Syria') opened the six-song encore, which saw the return of Ultraviolet and ended with Vertigo (and an onstage headstand by a very tall fan.) Accompanying MS, as the massive banner bearing 15-year-old Omaima's passport photo traveled hand-over-hand around the arena, excerpts from historical speeches by President John F. Kennedy and President Ronald Reagan played, in which both icons recalled American ideals, describing the nation as a 'city upon a hill.'

Social Post
@Leebles73: 'Bono said that @U2 is rediscovering #thejoshuatree album; lyrics are just as meaningful today as then TRUTH! #U2TheJoshuaTree2017' 

@AmeerTalk: '@U2 You rocked DC with your timeless tribute to this "idea" called America: #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 Thank you! ♥️

If You Had To Pick One Song
'Beautiful Day'
'You thought you'd found a friend to take you out of this place/Someone you could lend a hand in return for grace'
@Clinton_Haines: 'I literally cried while singing and dancing to 'Beautiful Day' by U2. It's a truly powerful song. And what a voice.'

What (else) did Bono Say?
During 'Pride' Bono set the tone for an evening in the nation's capital: “From the right, from the left, those in between: you are welcome here tonight. Whoever you vote for, you are welcome here tonight. We will find common ground, reaching for higher ground'. Recalling the dream of Dr. King, he added, 'Maybe the dream is just telling us to wake up. Awaken the America of community and compassion, protest and tolerance, the America of justice and joy.'
The FedEx Field show, less than a dozen miles from Capitol Hill and the U.S. headquarters of the ONE Campaign, drew a host of well known names and Bono thanked many including Congresswomen Nancy Pelosi and Kay Granger, Francis Collins (director of the National Institutes of Health), Jim Wallis (founder of Sojourners) and Gayle Smith (the new President & CEO of ONE). Bono wished well Congressman Steve Salise, who is recovering from injuries he received during the shooting last week. '"You've been through some troubling days here with the shooting in Alexandria. We are so grateful that Congressman Scalise and his comrades made it through. We hold them up, as love holds us all up.”.
 'One Tree Hill'  was dedicated to Emma Oxford, wife of former ONE president Michael Elliott who passed away last year and 'I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For' to the band's 'old friend' Cardinal Theodore McCarrick.
Bono closed the night by beckoning a very tall, very dedicated fan named Freddie onto the stage to perform a headstand (accompanied a drumroll on the snare by Larry): '“The last moment of the evening, as requested by Headstand Man—you better be good, sir,' Bono said. 'This is how the Joshua Tree tour ended in the capital…Generally we don't work with tall people or animals.”

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jonnye4521:  What a great night ! Brilliant! What a concert! And the Lumineers were great too! Thanks for making my year! Truly a great concert and so much more! Running to stand still means so much to me and my wife and loved it! 

If you were at the FedEx Field in Maryland, tell us what it was like. Add your own review and photos below.


    Sao Paulo - last show of The Joshua Tree Tour 2017. Video by
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    More than worth the 7 hour drive!
    Since the boys didn't come to NC, this was the closest spot. The show flew by like usual, but it was so great to see side 2 of TJT since I only seen some of those on Rattle and Hum. Hope to see you guys in NC next year for E&I.
    From 1984 to the present
    Saw U2 for the first time in 1984 at the Capital Center in Landover, MD. Have not missed a show since. One of my promises to myself was to make sure that all four of my kids see U2 in concert. With varying ages, some have gone a few times, but on June 20th at Fedex Field, I took all four of my kids including my youngest for her first show. It was brilliant and to top it off, I will be seeing them again in Boston on June 25th with the girlfriend I saw them with for the first time in 1984. The music is timeless and the concerts have never disappointed. Thanks for all the memories and looking forward to many more.
    Trip Through Your Wires and a Harmonica
    An intense Trip Through Your Wires, and then Bono, always the kind-hearted man with a smile on his face.....tossed his harmonica to my 7 year old son, Rhys. An incredible moment that he will never forget, and a new life-time fan of U2.
    Did I just witness U2 live for the first
    I think I just did... :) I was about 8 rows back from the tree stage. Not bad for arriving at 5:00pm. That was the most magical 4 hours of my life. The Lumineers were so talented and most importantly, so humble. Even though they were the opening act, it was kind of refreshing in a way to hear them after a long hectic day. U2... U2. U2. U2. Even though my view was obstructed for the most part (I'm only 5"2), what I did get to see was da bombdiggity. A visual that I've managed to retain in my mind is Bono and Adam glowing through the fog and blue lights. That was the moment I realized I was really at a U2 concert and they were only about 35 feet away. Didn't get to see much of Larry. Only got to lay eyes on him for a maximum of 2 secs at a time. Getting to hear Bad at my first U2 concert was a blessing. Man, Bono can really move. He's as extravagant in person as he is on video. I died a little during Exit when he was making his way down to the tree stage and stopped to do his Bono/Shadow Man moves. I decided not to record or take pictures of the parts that I actually could see. Oh, and Bono kept his glasses off for the rest of the show. I love his naked face. After going through my photos and videos, I realized that my phone got a better view of U2 than I did. I'm not sure if they did it for other cities, but I really appreciate the blue and red lighting above the screen. The visuals for Beautiful Day was way more beautiful than I had imagined it to be. Pictures do not do that screen justice. Edge's face during the tech mishap at the beginning of one was so funny. He was like "wot is happening? That was not me." I really wish they played the new song instead of Vertigo even though the visuals were stunning. Overall it was a pleasant night and I'd do all over again 100x.
    What a great night ! a true memory to la
    Brilliant! What a concert! And the Lumineers were great too! Thanks for making my year! Truly a great concert and so much more! Running to stand still means so much to me and my wife and loved it!
    See you tonight!
    Bringing my two boys with me... anticipate traffic being horrible (as usual for FedEx Field). First concert ever for the youngest, and second concert ever for the older one (his first concert was I+E in NYC back in July 2015). Can't wait. Leaving work in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...
    Celebrating her birthday
    For the most beautiful girl in the world; Lauri, I hope the memories of your 50th birthday are highlighted by U2’s amazing music. So happy to be able to share this day, this trip, this life with you. My love for you is endless, forever CB
    My son's first show
    My 10 year old son, Will, has wanted to see U2 for quite some time now. As a surprise gift for him, we will be in DC and I can't wait to see how he reacts to the show. Hopefully the boys will give him a show to remember!
    Birthday Present
    What a Birthday present. The only thing better if I was able to get VIP TICKETS but U2 will be worth the 10 hour flight from Alaska . Can't wait for the show.
    Relive my first concert
    The first concert I went to was the JT '87 in Philly at the Spectrum. I've seen them on every U.S. tour since at least once! I'm looking forward to reliving the JT and any new stage events.
    This was my first concert -
    Joshua Tree DC concert where Bono slipped on the wet stage and hurt his arm/shoulder. I was in 8th grade and WON tickets on WAVA after my friend couldn't get me tickets. Fan ever since!!!
    I Can't Wait
    I am so excited about U2s tour. It's going to be life changing for me!!!! Much Love!
    I can't wait for this concert! All time fan here!
    I want to go to this.
    I was 11 years old in 1987— too young to attend a rock concert. I will do everything within my power to get tickets to this. I want to hear the sound of the organ in the opening of Where the Streets Have No Name. I will probably weep at the sound.
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