The Joshua Tree Tour 2017

Jun 25 2017
Boston, MA, US / Gillette Stadium
with The Lumineers


When & Where
Sunday, June 25th, 2017. Gillette Stadium, Boston (Foxboro), Massachusetts. Night 18 of #U2TheJoshuaTree2017

Set List
The opening: Sunday Bloody Sunday, New Year's Day, Bad, and Pride opened the show. A seven-song encore followed The Joshua Tree, closing the night with the return of The Little Things That Give You Away. 

Social Post
@ClintonDC: 'The '87 Joshua Tree tour changed the life of a certain 16 yo. It was epic and moving to revisit it. #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 #HappyPride'

In The Press
Boston Herald

'For many members of Generation X, “The Joshua Tree” is the greatest album of all time. For everyone else, well, the U2 masterpiece is still one of greatest albums of all time (and don't give me that guff about the second side being weak — it ain't, it's amazing)…. Bono and the boys opened the night with a history lesson at a stage in center field. Without special effects or million-dollar production, with a sound not unlike the one they brought to America in the early '80s, they punched through Sunday Bloody Sunday, New Year's Day, Bad and Pride (In the Name of Love). They reached back to their skeletal sonic beginnings, and their fiery political activism. While they didn't strike hard at Trump, they rallied the sold-out stadium to remember the American ideal of a land that is a refuge for everyone. Why? Because the time is right to open arms and hearts and because that's what “The Joshua Tree” is all about.'

If You Had To Pick One Song
'Pride (In The Name Of Love)  'In the name of love/What more in the name of love'

From @dwcordova: Nothing like hearing thousands sing "in the name of love" to restore your faith in humanity. #U2TheJoshuaTree2017'

What did Bono Say?
'This is the capital of the Celts is it not? This Celt-ish people. For the men in U2 who arrived here as boys to play the Paradise Club to 150 people … This is where our love affair with America began,' Bono said before the band launched into Trip Through Your Wires. During One Tree Hill, he paid tribute to 8-year-old Martin Richard, who was killed in the bombing at the Boston Marathon four years ago and whose family as in the audience Sunday night: 'We're holding his family and the other families who lost loved ones here in April 2013. There is no end to grief, that's how we know there's no end to love.' 
There were lots of shout outs throughout the Boston show, including actors Elizabeth Shue and native son Matt Damon; 'local hero' Kathy McKiernan (former director of communications for the ONE campaign); Dr. Vincent Li of the Angiogenesis Foundation, with whom The Edge works closely in developing cutting-edge cancer treatments; former U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry 'who sounded the alarm on global HIV/AIDS before anyone else'; Davis Guggenheim, who directed U2's documentary From The Sky Down; and Bob Kraft (owner of the New England Patriots, whose home field is Gillette Stadium). Bono also had a special word for Adam, a day before he is honoured  in New York City by the Grammy initiative MusiCares for 'his work on addiction and working with other addicts. We couldn't be prouder of this dude.'

Top post from
From vertigojds: 'I was in Philly last week and I was here tonight. I had a closer spot in Philly, and that was a good show, but this one tonight felt like something really special. More energy and emotion from the band, and a better vibe from the crowd. Little Things was phenomenal. I'm extremely happy.' 

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    Sao Paulo - last show of The Joshua Tree Tour 2017. Video by
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    Great show!
    this was my 10th time seeing U2 live and as usual the band did not disappoint. The greatest moment of the night for me was when they played "Bad!" Despite having seen U2 10 times, I had never seen that particular song performed live. There was lots of great energy from the band as well as the crowd. We were really into the show!
    30 shows over 30 plus years
    Boston Gillette Hit the show with a custom Bono shirt from my kids n my concert Buddy Bud light Jim....just had 5 knee operatin in 6 months....but no way missing the show.
    The lads!
    Best seats in the house for this seven-footer.
    Great night!
    Awesome show at Gillette Stadium! It was a memorable and amazing night for all who attended. The music was great and LOUD!!! It was my 13 year old son's first U2 concert, and he was quite in awe with the whole experience! My husband thought it was the best U2 concert he has seen so far. (This was our 4th show since '09). Performing LIttle Things was an added bonus for us in the crowd! Thank you U2!!! We hope to see you again and soon!!!
    Best yet
    The show was amazing. The energy started with Sunday Bloody Sunday and didn't stop all night. Thank you, gentlemen!!
    Great night in Foxboro...
    Adam mingling...
    U2 JoshuaTree 2017-Gillette Stadium
    Every time i have seen U2,they never disappoint
    Ba - Boom
    Thanks Bono... I think.. I got shout out last night; did anyone hear Bono while making some dedications say something like "and For the Lovers of Psalms ?? So we queued up early for our hometown gig we live a town and a half north of Gillette, so from front row Bono saw this sign we made form a cup holder tray! Remarkable Show, tight, very loud, crisp - Great Set !! It was like a sonic wake went thru Foxboro !
    Fun for all ages...
    It was nice to see the teenagers to my left singing the songs word for word...thanks Danny boy for getting the tickets!
    Iris is Proud
    Your voice makes me happy, makes me want to be a better person, want to make other people happy, want to make the world a better place. What a fine Man you turned out to be. Your Mother would be proud.
    :( Don't go
    Great show
    Great show. Love the sets on the past two tours. Getting back to set design that allow music to come through. Please though end with a classic. Loved new song but wanted to see ASOH or 40.
    Billy the Kid
    Best by Far
    So much fun last daughters first #U2 show. The boys sounded amazing...Bono's voice as strong as ever!!
    EXIT....WOW. Boston
    Exit ever this tour. They brought it.....
    Exit blew the doors off Gillette. Great show.
    Family time with U2
    We r raising them right!
    U2 Baby!!!
    Had a rough start to my summer so this is my actual summer kick off!!! Can't wait for the show tomorrow night ❤️ U2
    Re: Boston + U2 = A Sort of Homecoming!
    I ditto this request: Please, PLEASE play A Sort of Homecoming at Gillette! It would be a dream come true. See you all on June 25th.
    Beautiful Day...
    It's going to be a beautiful day at Foxboro tomorrow. I saw U2 at the Boston Garden two years ago, should be a great experience at Gillette Stadium.
    Is Boston A Sort of Homecoming
    Won't bore everyone with how many show I've seen, but have been lucky to see 4 JT 2017 shows so far, two in the Rose Bowl & two at Soldier Field. Got to hear ASOH for my 1st and 2nd times. Chicago 2 - the whole show was off the hook but the rendition of Homecoming was, pardon the pun... Magnificent !!!! PLEASE Bring it home for Beantown !!!!!!! Someone tell Larry; he'll get done ! Thanks
    Cannot wait! So excited to be in Boston. It feels like home!
    Sunday Funday
    Next up Boston U2. GA Floor baby!!!
    Re: politics
    You can't separate U2 from politics. Bring it, guys!
    Looking forward to the show. Just hope they stick to the music and don't turn it into a political stunt. Just play the music boys. We don't want to hear about politics. We pay for tickets to hear you and not your politics. Escape time for many and please don't ruin it.
    Boston + U2 = A Sort of Homecoming!
    Please, PLEASE play A Sort of Homecoming at Gillette! It would be a dream come true. See you all on June 25th.
    My love story with U2 began in 1985! I'
    Back in 1985, I was staying at the same Hotel U2 was staying at in Hartford, CT. and as I was going into the elevator, Bono was walking out and I couldn't even say one word! I was star struck! Boy do I now regret not opening my mouth and saying hello! I mean, I had been hoping to run into him but I just couldn't speak! Some 30 years later, I'm still a HUGE fan and I'm looking forward to seeing The Joshua Tree again - fast forward to 2017! Woot! Woot! Here I come on June 25th! Always a fan! Robin Silsby
    The count down is on!
    I can't wait and I hope they add more shows.
    I wish to See You All there
    Can't wait
    Let's have a good show with minimal political commentary lads
    Go 'em!
    Over the moon with my 4 GA tix for Jun 25. Can't wait for this amazing adventure!
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