The Joshua Tree Tour 2017

Jul 25 2017
Paris, FR / Stade De France
with Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds

'We hear their heartbeat…'

Patti Smith onstage for The Joshua Tree Tour 2017 in Paris . 

When & Where
Tuesday, July 25th 2017, State de France, Paris, Show 29 of #U2TheJoshuaTree2017

Social Post
@jzcanuck from Canada, now living in Switzerland, has been to more than a dozen shows on this tour. Tonight was her first Red Zone experience and she sent us these thoughts right after the show from her twitter DM :
‘Still Running…worlds collide for me in Paris as The Joshua Tree 2017 tour lands here the same week as the International AIDS Society (IAS) conference. Personal and professional life linked perfectly as I find myself in the Red Zone for Paris 1. This was my 13th show for the tour and it was "Running to Stand Still" that struck deep into my heart.  The emotion in Bono's voice as he sings "step on a steam train" breaks my heart and I think about the millions of people who struggle everyday in their fight against HIV.  The beautiful yearning of the harmonica and a prayer of "Halle, Halle, Hallelujah" reminds me that we are "still running" against this HIV epidemic and we can't stand still. 
Bono's intro to "One" speaks of mass movements that drive change - 8 million members of the ONE campaign and the work of RED are changing lives. There has been tremendous progress in the fight against HIV and as announced at the IAS conference this week there are now 19.5 million (thats more than the figure Bono mentioned at the show last night) people on life saving HIV treatment.  Hallelujah! But we can't stop running now. 
As the stage lights go down during "One" and the stars come out in the stadium the voices of the crowd blend in powerful unity. The beauty of this moment reminds me that as I stand in the RED zone I have helped save lives and the U2 community has once again helped refuel my soul’.

Judith, Jo, Florian & many others from French fan site & community @U2Achtung_ were there too :
‘We've been waiting for them for a while, but the band we love so much is finally back in the city of  lights! First show in France since those two very special ones we were gifted with in 2015, after the November attacks, that first night in Paris was all we could dream it to be. They walked on a crowd already past boiling point and Sunday Bloody Sunday rang through through the summer air with a kind of ferocity. The roar of the crowd taking over, and the joy steaming the air could only mean one thing. U2 were back at the Stade de France. 
Through the bouncing of New Year’s Day, they gifted us with a very emotional Bad - reminding us to let it go, as a prayer to days past - before taking us with them to that journey called The Joshua Tree. Back 30 years ago, on an empty US road, we started our travel with ‘Streets' and all the promises it holds. 
The whole album unraveled, fresh as ever, old but new, a tangled ball of timeliness overlapping each others. From where we used to be, the stunning visuals guided us toward a future within reach. The crowd kept giving those songs justice, a singalong in a french accent and beautiful. As if the show couldn't get better, we were up for one very special treat. Mothers of the Disappeared chimed in and a familiar figure stepped on the stage, Patti Smith sending the decibels once more off the roof. French people can get loud, do you need any further proof than last night? "In a heartbeat"
The sense of joy and love during the show kept growing on and on, til reaching it's peak to that one song that holds all the truth of a U2 show. It's a beautiful day indeed. A beautiful day in the good old city of Paris and it seemed like the whole world was lifting up with us. Wherever you looked, every face in that stadium. All you could see was those shiny eyes and bright smiles flooding the floor. The night could have been complete. It was everything we ever wanted. But U2 had one more trick up their sleeves, and we got to go home with the beautiful Little Things That Give You Away still ringing in our ears. 
U2 shows are always special, but U2 in Paris is something else. Maybe that's because we're home and want them to feel at home with us. All I know is that those shows never disappoint and hold a certain kind of magic every single time. And for the time being, it let's our hearts burst with that feeling that it truly was a beautiful day, and that we won't let it get away... Ever. 
Merci U2’.

If You Had To Pick One Song
Mothers Of The Disappeared 
@corpsescantalk (via twitter) ‘What a surprise to see Patti Smith singing with U2 here in Paris ! Amazing concert I won't forget !!Thank you !! Stade De France’

What  did Bono Say?
“So many memories for this band in this city… thank you for travelling to the magnificent Stade de France to see the U2 group. Sacred ground… sacred ground… Tonight, we come as pilgrims.”

Review On
tcharly26. 'Père et Fille. Premier concert pour ma fille Alizée au Stade de France: Une première inoubliable !!!! Merci. #U2TheJoshuaTreeTour2017'

And if you were at Stade de France for the first night in Paris, tell us all about it. Add your own review and photos below.

    Sao Paulo - last show of The Joshua Tree Tour 2017. Video by
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    la bande a bono
    u2 mania
    A huge happiness for my 46!
    Stade de France, the 25th of July Fan since adolescence, it was my first show in flesh and bone of U2. What a beautiful birthdaygift from my wife!
    Run to the ocean! Run to the sea!
    An awesome night! An amazing setlist! An unforgettable red zone experience! Thanks U2! See you guys again in São Paulo!
    Sonho realizado!!
    #U2inParis #U2Brasil #TJT2017
    Greatest Concert Ever
    It's taken me a while to "come down" from the high that I felt after seeing U2 at the Stade de France last week. The opening four songs started the adrenaline pumping and even though from where I was it was difficult to see the band, I revelled in the music and the atmosphere nonetheless. However nothing, and I mean *nothing* could have prepared me for the intoxication that was Where the Streets Have No Name! I was euphoric at the incredible background and almost felt like I was in an IMAX theatre, as the screen took up so much of my peripheral vision. I was completely enveloped; more so than any other concert experience I've had. And then to hear such an iconic album played live track-for-track; many of which I've never heard the band do live, or at least not for near-on 30 years. It was like a dream. I'm not normally very emotional, but I had tears of delight welling up in me during so many of the songs. I was taken away by the whole thing. I think it was great for many of the people who don't necessarily know *every* Joshua Tree track to hear some "radio hits" at the end there, but then they go and throw in Ultraviolet (Light My Way)! Just wonderful. I want to say THANK YOU to U2 for looking back at this album and giving it life again in a modern, but still Joshua-Tree-like way. I've seen 20+ U2 concerts and although my favourite album remains Achtung Baby, this was by far the greatest U2 concert I've ever seen. Please come back to us and do it one more time.
    Au Stade de France...
    Soirée mémorable...
    20th anniversary of wedding
    It was our first concert and it was you. You made this evening the greatest present of our life THANK'S TO ALL THE BAND!!!!!!!
    U2 est de retour !!!
    Un concert FA-BU-LEUX !! Que du bonheur.
    Merci Beaucoup U2!
    We were just a shade too young to make it to the 1987 Joshua Tree tour. So grateful to have seen it this time around. We traveled from Albuquerque, NM in the states to see the first night at Stade de France. It was everything.
    Paris loves U2
    À wonderful show, 10th Time for me but first for my children!
    The greatest show
    Thanks for this show and come back soon! Such a pleasure to see you...Watching the video of the concert always gives goose flesh to me...
    Paris 2017
    What a show, fantastic.
    From Germany
    One of the most beautiful day. Thany you U2
    Stade de France
    All the family loved the show. Thank you guys ! We're waiting for a next show (and why not Inhaler?!)...
    Live du 25
    Remember thank u U2 ses u soon
    Sound KO too bad
    Was on D1 and sound was very bad: couldn't even understand what Bono was saying. Also, why not displaying the band on those huge screens at the beginning ? This has led to the worst concert ever. Try to fix those for upcoming event !
    Thank you
    Thank you for this moment... Tanks to you I spend one of the best night ever.
    Père et Fille
    Premier concert pour ma fille Alizée au Stade de France: Une première inoubliable !!!! Merci. #U2TheJoshuaTreeTour2017
    magnificent! what about adding unforgettable fire to the setlist for tonite? Go raimh maith agat!
    U2 is So Deep in My Heart
    Paris Stade de France 25.07.2017
    Very disappointed and very sad :( :( :(
    I was very disappointed with the concert yesterday night but I love you U2. No big screens at the beginning of the concert on you. To look for you for 15 minutes and understand that you are on the small tree-shaped stage. But we don't see you!!!. Ok it's "Joshua Tree". But think of those who waited you for hours, more days and who cannot see anything and who didn't want to rave with you. Really bad. It will take me first time to digest this concert and the more price too. Good show tonight people and especially come at 5pm, at the opening of the doors, otherwise you won't see much. Still and really disappointed and this is the first time I feel so sad for a band that I love. :(
    Costaricans in Paris
    Ça commence trop bien
    Super Noel Gallagher quel plaisir ! !!!
    Paris 2017
    Un grand moment
    Live start now
    We are at the unforgetable live at Paris love and rock n roll To night
    What a surprise to see that if i buy my tickets today on ticketmaster for the show tonight i would have really better places (tenth rang) than having bought them the 12th january for the same price (more the cost of presale !) I ´m really disapointed, very far from the stage, just because fans will pay... If you´re fans, presale really won't give you the better places...
    Last night @ Croke Park
    Amazing night!! Thank you boys! #U2TheJoshuaTree2017
    Coming soon
    Can't wait any longer, me, my friend & my son, long live U2 !
    3 nights to go ...
    ... and then we'll take our sons (9 abd 11) to their very first ever concert ... and what better band than U2 to give them their first concert-memories ...
    U4 Forever
    With or without you... but with U2 !
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