The Joshua Tree Tour 2017

Jul 29 2017
Amsterdam, NL / Amsterdam ArenA
with Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds

When & Where
Saturday, July 29th 2017, Amsterdam Arena, Night 1 in Amsterdam, 31st show of the #U2TheJoshuaTree2017

Set List 
Here's the complete set list from Amsterdam1 

The Holy Trinity (Sunday Bloody Sunday, Bad, and Pride) opened the first of two nights in the Amsterdam Arena. As Mothers of the Disappeared closed out The Joshua Tree album, Bono thanked the Dutch for 'for your open eyes, open hearts, open minds.' Mysterious Ways shimmied its way back into the encore and was accompanied by a dancer from the audience. The young woman wore a bomber jacket bearing the lyrics “the best things are easy to destroy" and by the end of the song, she had Bono on his knees. 'What's your name?' he called after her as security escorted the young lady off the stage.  

Social Posts
@MauritsvStuijvenberg: 'What a fantastic crowd tonight! #singing #balloons #dancer #banner #U2Amsterdam #U2TheJoshuaTree2017' 
'What a glorious show! It's impressive that a 30-year-old album sounds so fresh and relevant today,' 33-year-old Maurits went on to say. 'The band conquering the crowd at first just with great music without the need of a screen. Then a cinema, thanks to the beautiful footage of Anton Corbijn, like moving photographs. A club, during Elevation and Vertigo, dancing and shaking the floor like thunder. A church during 'I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For,' and a news bulletin when the young refugee from Jordan (Omaima) told us about her dreams. 
'Amsterdam loves U2, singing our hearts out—what amazing energy! The great thing about U2 is they bring together young and old people, combining a great show with a deeper message of love and community,' said Maurits, who first encountered the band during the ATYCLB years. Saturday night was his sixth live show. 'I'm looking forward to things to come with the new album and the extension of the I+E Tour.'

Dutch voices on social media (via Twitter) : 
@niek_visser: 'Het kippenvel staat me nog steeds op de armen wat een optreden weer van @U2 #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 #genieten (I still have goosebumps on my arms, what a performance by U2)

@verhoefjeroen: 'Dit was de achtste tour die ik heb gezien van ze. En het blijft EPISCH. Dagen lang blijven de nummers nog door mijn hoofd galmen. #heerlijk' ('This was the eighth tour I've seen from them. And it remains EPIC. Days stay long the songs still echo through my head. ')

Bonus post from a Polish fan at the Amsterdam show (via Instagram): @callofbeauty7: 'Tego sie nie da opisać. Wzruszenia i emocje w zenicie. Przeżycie trochę odrealnione. Ciagle nie mogę uwierzyć ze byłam cząstka tego kilkudziesięciotysięcznego tłumu. Bylo cudownie. Bylo bosko. Prawie mistycznie. ('It beggars description. Emotions and emotions in the zenith. Survival a little unreal. I still cannot believe I was a part of this crowd of several thousand. It was wonderful. It was divine. Almost mystical.')

If You Had To Pick One Song 
Miss Sarajevo/Miss Syria

'Is there a time for first communion
A time for East 17
Is there time to turn to Mecca
Is there time to be a beauty queen'

From @MabelVanOranje: 'Miss Sarajevo has become Miss Syria. Whoever the people in need are, let's continue welcome them. '

What (else) did Bono Say?
Before launching into Bad Bono gave thanks to a few special people in the crowd: 'My brother Norman is here tonight. Not only did he give me my first guitar lesson, he introduced me to David Bowie's Hunky Dory and I thought it was a duo. Now, none of us in the band are self-made men. We owe our lives to each other, to family members who put their hands in their pockets, friends who kept us out of trouble, partners who saved us from ourselves. And of course, we owe this life to you.'

And introducing One Tree Hill, inspired by the loss of the band's friend Greg Carroll in 1986 not long before they began recording The Joshua Tree, Bono paid tribute those in the audience who had lost loved ones, particularly the Netherlands' Princess Mabel and her daughters, Luana and Zaria, who mourn the loss of their husband and father, Prince Friso, who died in 2013. 'See you again when stars fall from the sky.'

Review On 
WilK30.  'U2 the band of my life. First time U2 in 1981 with my friends at Pinkpop when I was 20 years old, now so many year later with my son who is now 22 celebrating 30 years the Joshua Tree. Seen U2 many teams through all these years, really the band of my life ! Never been so close to the stage, it was a great and amazing night to remember in Amsterdam.'

Other Noteworthy Stuff
Early in the show, Bono gave a shout out to Adrian Lovett, Europe executive director of the One Campaign. Several times he also celebrated the band's longtime collaboration with Dutch photographer Anton Corbjin, who was in the audience. 'Anton, you know how much we love you? Anton Corbjjn in the house: Dutch Master!' Bono said. Fans surprised the band by tossing balloons into the air at the start of 'Beautiful Day' prompting Bono to exclaim, 'What is this? Look at you!' 

If you were at the first night in Amsterdam, tell us all about it. Add your own reviews and photos below

    Sao Paulo - last show of The Joshua Tree Tour 2017. Video by
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    Best Show / Best Setlist ever...!!!
    It was my 7th or 8th U2 Concert - an the best Show with an ultimate Setlist ever!!!
    A dream came true, I missed the show 30years ago, as I spent some time travelling in Australia. I bought the Joshua Tree album with my first money after my apprenticeship in Geneva as I won a prize. I still have the album and afterwards all CD's I do still buy, U2 so precious to me. Where ever I go on this planet, the come along. So now in Amsterdam with my sister Red Zone ( as always ) it just was amazing and I cried, I really did for the first time in my life I heard Mothers of the disappeared live! Touched my heart, touched my soul...and maybe another dream will come true and I will have the possibility to meet the guys and cook for them at my house...never give up your dreams, always believe in your dreams. Thank you for the greatest show .
    Wij hebben genoten, alleen een kleine ma
    Al hebben we genoten van het concert, toch wil ik een kleine kanttekening maken. Het geluid in de Arena is en was niet om over naar huis te schrijven. Zoveel echo, dat moet U2 toch zelf ook opgevallen zijn, of horen zij dat niet op het podium? Dus de volgende keer, aub nooit meer naar de Arena, we hebben po podiums genoeg in Nederland.
    Best show ever!
    Freudiges Warten
    First big concert for my dougther :)
    U2 in The'Dam
    Very special night finally seeing U2 after having tickets for Paris on fateful weekend of terror attacks couple of years earlier. Definitely worth the wait,unbelievably good....
    Quinten's first U2 Gig father and son ex
    My first U2 gig was at july 10 1987 Feyenoord Stadium de Kuip, my son Quinten his first U2 gig 30 years and 19 days later
    Russ Barber
    All I can say is WOW. This is my 16th time at a U2 concert. Couldn't make twickenham in the U.K. So came over to Amsterdam for the weekend.. saw them in the original Joshua tree tour at the old Wembley stadium with a good friend who passed away shortly after.. was crying through BAD... thought they got it spot on... thank you U2 still got it...
    Best concert ever!
    Came all the way from Brazil and would do it again and again!
    Dreams do come true
    This is so unreal..way beyond my wildest dream to be able to see them live in such close distance! #U2amsterdam
    Hot summer night in the desert
    Mothers of the disappeared
    Birthday treat
    A fabulous birthday treat thanks to April. Travelled from Edinburgh for the gig; great time; great weekend.
    Another amazing night in Amsterdam, loved every minute. Thanks guys
    Our first date was Joshua Tree, 1987. Thirty years on, our first International show, Joshua Tree 2017. THANK YOU! Both to U2 for the soundtrack for the past 30 years of life, and to the WONDERFUL PEOPLE OF AMSTERDAM. With much love, Steve & Rick. #LOVEWINS
    1st night Amsterdam
    From South Korea
    It was one of my lifetime dreams to see U2 playing live..Flew to Amsterdam from South Korea to finally meet you guys. What a fantastic night. Hope to see you in South Korea one day, there are so many fans waiting for you! All the best
    Thank you!
    Thank you again for a wonderfull, fantastic, beautiful concert! I have seen you perform in so many occasions, in the Netherlands and abroad, for so many years already. I must say that I totally agree with the comment below of richardhoek9. I would prefer to travel to Timbuktu next time instead of the Amsterdam Arena. Such a shame of your excellent permormance being ruined by the horrible acoustics!! I am very glad that I travelled to other countries to see you perform . But many people are not able to do so. Could you please please please avoid to ever perform in the Arena again? Thank you so much!
    Bam, this one was a homerun!
    wow.......... 2 days after and still seeing and hearing the concert in my mind... Edge, Larry, Bono, Adam, big thanks for yet another super night!
    first u2 show ever for my older sister and she loved it. again a great show. thanks guys Janneke
    Tears of Joy
    Thank you so much for the great evening in Amsterdam. Changing from the small to the big stage and the screen coming alive was really overwhelming and brought up Tears of Joy! What a wonderful show!
    Amazing, still impressed
    Wow, the Joshua Tree travelled for 30 years with me. This album touched me so much when I was young. And when I grow up and became mature I still found this album important to me. I felt lonely in the past and in my room I played JT over and over. And last Saturday we met each other live. It was if a dream came true. I was overwhelmed how much this live performance touched me. Amazing concert, so much better then I expected!!! A feeling of coming home!
    It was a Beautiful day
    This was a birthday gift for one of our 17 year old twin girls - a big fan of Mr. Noel Gallagher and idolizes The edge and his
    please (2)
    I agree with jeroen, see below. We didn't here what bono said en when the edge was playing on his gitar sometime there was an strange sound. The sound wasn't clear like the proviuws concerts in Ziggo or paulau saint Jordi. I have to say the concernt was very nice with lots of energy and nice views!!! So please never play in the Arena again, go to Rotterdam or elsewhere, you guys could also play an open air concert in my garden, there is enough space for 25000 fans....
    Rolling jos
    Great Show last night
    Great show last night, especially the first half. Second half the band went on a kind of automatic pilot, unfortunately. Hope tonight more inspiration from the band.
    Sing your heart out
    I sang my heart out and cried for my dead brother. Thank you boys who played Rock and Roll
    Full Circle
    Fabulous concert, just awesome.
    After 30 years again the Josua Tree, now in Amsterdam instead of Rotterdam. It was a beautyful day. Thanks
    Rolling jos
    Good U2 show
    Great show, especially first part. Unfortunately second half band switched intro automatic gear. This made the second less exciting as I know U2 for years. Overall good show but you Guy's can do better. Hope you are more fired up for the second Amsterdam show.
    The Edge on fire
    The Edge in a perfect pose during the opening of the 1st Amsterdam gig
    Traveling U2 Family
    First Pasadena, then Paris, now Amsterdam all the way from California! So happy to be watching history with my family. #U2TheJoshuaTree2017
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