The Joshua Tree Tour 2017

Oct 3 2017
Mexico City, MX / Foro Sol
with Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds

When & Where
Tuesday, October 3rd 2017, For Sol, Mexico City. Night 42 of #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 Tour.

After the conclusion of U.S. shows last month, as friends from fansite noted, this is the first visit to Latin America this time around. South of the border, the Coda of The Joshua Tree live has begun. (*coda - "concluding passage in a musical composition," from the Latin 'cauda', "tail of an animal.")

The tail of the animal.
Set List :
Act 1 : Sunday Bloody Sunday, New Years Day, Bad (during which Bono called out to "sisters, brothers, cousins, aunts… spirit of Mexico City", and joined the crowd in singing a snippet of the popular 'Ay y Ay Ay' Mexican / Spanish love song - 'Cielito Lindo'), concluding with Pride.
Act 2 : The Joshua Tree full album
Act 3 : Beautiful Day, Elevation, Vertigo, You're The Best Thing About Me, Ultra Violet (Light My Way). One, Spanish Eyes.

Social posts
@VirgilioRuan (via twitter)
'Beautiful (Lindo) day" con un guiño a "Free Falling" de Tom Petty. U2 emociona en México' 

@romanticadi (via twitter)
'Thanks a lot for bringing our souls happiness and hope.The hands of friends MÉXICO LOVES YOU'

@maxtsukino (via email) :
'The show was great - …one of those that proves that U2 shows are something special and why (U2) is the band that matters…'

@operadormx (via twitter)
'Sencillamente no hay manera de ver a @U2 sin soltar una lagrimita,recuerdos,increíbles canciones,memorables!! #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 gracias! '
(translated : 'There is simply no way to see @U2 without dropping a tear, memories, incredible songs, memorable !! # U2TheJoshuaTree2017 thank you!' )

If You Had To Pick One Song
Spanish Eyes. "lets try something… could be a bit shit… lets try it!… this was a B-side on The Joshua Tree… we tried it in rehearsal it was pretty shit.. I mean the way we played it! the song is AWESOME!"
Tour debut for full band / full song version of Spanish Eyes… 

What (else) did Bono say : 
"The Irish and The Mexicans are kindred spirits… yes we are… we're survivors, we're innovators, we're travellers… but above all else we're fighters". 

"We're so honoured to be with you in this moment - en este momento".

"Incredible women have always led the way in this country. We've seen them on your streets lately… women and men, sisters and brothers… people working on the streets after the earthquake here in the city and out into the country… sisters and brothers…This country has been through a lot in the last few weeks but over the years… (theres) nothing you can't do when your work together as one".

"Take the lights down again.. and think about everyone who lost their life… back to that moment… the moment that we will never forget… mucho gracias"

Review on
"Viva México.....Viva México!!" A magical night. A night to remember. Thank you guys for dedicating tonight's show to all the people than banded together as ONE during the recent earthquake in Mexico City and other states. Thank you for helping those in need here, that lost their homes and even loved ones... And yeah, thank you for those beautiful "Viva Mexico...Viva Mexico!!" ending lyrics in #One #TheJoshuaTree2017 #MexicoCity 

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    Sao Paulo - last show of The Joshua Tree Tour 2017. Video by
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    Segundo concierto en el Foro Sol
    Spanish eyes
    Segundo concierto en el Foro Sol
    Spanish eyes
    A beautiful day!
    Esperando con ansias :)
    Un objetivo mas cumplido
    Después de ver la gira, Vértigo y la de 360 en el estadio Azteca, el sueño de mi esposa y el mio fue: Ojalá algún día tengamos la oportunidad de llevar a Leo a un concierto de U2. ¿Porque? Porque, espero que entienda lo mucho que significa esto para nosotros. No solo porque el rack donde se guardamos los CD's está en su mayoría abarcado por discos de U2. No solamente porque en los playlist, incluimos al menos una de sus canciones. Sino por lo mucho que significa un concierto de U2 EN VIVO!!!! Leo, finalmente entendió que no es lo mismo escuchar todos las canciones en su ipod, o ver miles de videos en YOUTUBE, sino que estar presente en un concierto de esta banda irlandesa, tiene un significado diferente, lleno de emociones, lleno de emotividad, lleno de empoderamiento, lleno de esperanza, lleno de fe, lleno de coros cantar la misma canción, lleno de luces, lleno de magia, lleno de color, todo envuelto en un mismo lugar y en un mismo tiempo. Gracias U2, por ser parte de nuestra familia.
    #U2 Timeless music that shakes your soul
    A journey that started with great performance from Noel Gallagher, to the powerful sound of The Whole of the Moon from Waterboys to let us know that a Magical Night is about to start. Sudden, Larry Mullen showed up and walks down to play a war march of Sunday Bloody Sunday, followed by The Edge, Bono and Adam. The following 3 songs New Years Day, Bad and Pride (in the name of love) was all about U2 playing to delight all of us gathered at Foro Sol with their music at the very best pure state. It was just them and us. And then, all changed.... Massive screen turned red, while the hypnotizing chords followed by the thrilling screeching notes coming out of The Edge's guitar will turn goose flesh into an explosion of music that makes us all jump, sing and enjoy the rest of the evening with an epic night of rock and roll. Thank you U2 for a night to remember for the rest of our lives with your music that will live in eternity.
    Two Days Of Happiness
    My U2 show 9 but the first time of my son in a U2 Show thank you for giving me two days of absolute happiness we see you on the next tour Mexico awaits the photos are taken by my son...
    u2 en Mexico
    Gracias u2
    #U2 en Mexico
    Tuve la oportunidad de llevar a mi pequeño. Le encanto el concierto. Gracias U2 por hacer este sueño realidad.
    U2 in Mexico City 10/03/2017
    Feel the mood, touch the experience!
    With U2 again
    6 years past!!With U2 again! / 6 años de espera 2011 y ahora 2017, el mejor concierto ñ! Gracias!
    The best show
    Simply amazing! awsome! I hope they put me on de DVD singing loud.
    U2 Wide Awake In Mexico
    Facebook U2 Wide Awake In Mexico
    My 13 years old boy told me "this is the
    Thank you guys for been the soundtrack of my life! and i´m sure my boy soundtrack too.
    My five concert U2
    Thank you U2 for coming to show us that music is an art and it has to be practiced. Amazing show!!! Thanks to my brother Humberto Contreras. 03/Oct/2017
    From father to son....the blood runs thi
    We`re one, but we`re not the same.
    U2 The Joshua Tree Tour 2017 Live from M
    Right Front The Band
    U2 The Joshua Tree Tour 2017 Live from M
    27 hours outside Foro Sol waiting for this not worried. One of The best shows I ever seen Vertigo Tour was Incredible U2 360 Tour was Amazing Joshua Tree Tour Insaine
    Joshua tree
    Amazing concert!!!
    U2 México
    La mejor noche en toda mi vida
    Gracias por una noche inolvidable!
    My 7th U2 concert, but my first in my dear Mexico, and I was just blown away! Thank you Bono, Edge, Adam and Larry. Please come back soon!
    Thank´s for everything !! Thanks´s for the music !!
    We're one, #FuerzaMexico
    One comes to us as a call for union, solidarity and love in order to rebuild our country after the recent natural disasters we have experienced. We get to carry each other, ONE
    Indi G
    Today, all i want is U2!!!! México!! Oct. 4, 2017
    Una catarsis de emociones
    Gracias CDMX, Gracias a esta ciudad increíble, resistente y solidaria, anoche un tributo a tu fortaleza, historia y sobretodo a tu gente, Gracias U2 por Dejar tanto a tantos, noche mágica e increíble, antológica, una catarsis de emociones y recuerdos. Hasta la próxima.
    A Beautiful Night
    Speechless at your choice of songs apart from The Joshua Tree's. The moon played hide and seek above a benevolent sky that didn't rain. Glad you decided to play your new single. Thanks for existimg and giving us your lives for 2 hours. I love you and my hubby, too.
    Wonderful Nigth , Wonderful Band , Wonderful Country Mexico never gonna forget this concert !! Spanish Eyes , What a Surprise !!!
    "Viva México.....Viva México!!"
    A magycal night. A night to remember. Thank you guys for dedicating tonight's show to all the people than banded together as ONE during the recent earthquake in Mexico City and other states. Thank you for helping those in need here, that lost their homes and even loved ones... And yeah, thank you for those beautiful "Viva Mexico...Viva Mexico!!" ending lyrics in #One #TheJoshuaTree2017 #MexicoCity
    we are watting for you!
    It's amazing
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