The Joshua Tree Tour 2017

Oct 7 2017
Bogota, CO / Estadio El Campin
with Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds

When & Where
Friday, October 7th, 2017, Estadio El Campin, Bogotá, Columbia. Night 44 of #U2TheJoshuaTreeTour. 

Set List 
Colombian fans had to wait for 41 years for U2 to come to their beautiful land and by all accounts it was worth it.  "Colombia, we're finally here. Why did it take us so long?" Bono told the roiling crowd of more than 40,000 at Bogota's Estadio El Campin Satuday night. 'You are beautiful!' And they were. Standing on the tips of their toes, singing at the tops of their lungs as the band thundered through the opening quartet (Sunday Bloody Sunday, NYD, Bad, and Pride) before heading into 'The Joshua Tree.' The joy trinity—'Beautiful Day (with a snippet from 'Whenever, Wherever' by Colombia's own Shakira), Elevation, and Vertigo'—opened the encore followed by the new single from the upcoming 'Songs of Experience' album 'You're the Best Thing About Me,' and 'Ultraviolet.' And a very special rendition of 'One' ended this historic night. Colombia is the only stop on the #U2TheJoshuaTreeTour that the band is playing for the first time. 

Social Posts
@AdrianaMRico: Hoy me levanté sintiéndome feliz. Anoche, fue algo maravilloso: Luna llena, cielo despejado, @U2 en Bogotá y yo cantando a grito herido 

@JHoyosJr: Ver a @U2 en Bogotá, 30 años después de la primera vez en Miami 1987, y ellos todavía “blow my fucking mind away" Que privilegio. The best!

If You Had To Pick One Song 
'One' - 'We're one, but we're not the same/We get to carry each other…'

@Felipe_Castro: This is for Colombia... We got to carry each other, carry each other... ONE #U2 #Bogota #joshuatreetour2017

'Change comes slowly, but it comes,' Bono began his introduction to 'One', which closed the show. 'Now growing up in our country, a country in the north Atlantic in Europe, called Ireland. Growing up in this little country, we didn't dare to dream of peace. People told us it was impossible. Until we realized that peace is not a dream, it's an action. 

'It's not soft. It's hard. It takes time. Ya know, this word, this beautiful word we spoke of earlier—compromise—it's a beautiful word. And we know that peace can never remedy the pain of the past, we know that. But it can prevent such pain in the future. Anyway, we stand with you in these fragile times. We have to carry each other. Tenemos que apoyamos el uno al otro!

What (else) did Bono Say?
'Sing for the peacemakers in Bogota, in Cali, in Medellin,' he said during Pride, listing Colombia's major cities. 'All across Colombia. Sing for the peacemakers. Let them hear you! Sing for the peacemakers in Ireland. In our country, we have peace because people had the courage to compromise. The most beautiful word in the English language is 'compromise'… No one won. That's why everybody one.'

Shout Outs
Bono lauded the late Colombian author and poet Gabriel García Márquez, considered the father of literary genre known as magical realism, with novels such as One Hundred Years of Solitude and Love in a Time of Cholera. During 'Bad' Bono called for Willie to turn the house lights down so he could see 'the butterflies … Gabo's butterflies'—as butterflies were emblematic of the magical creatures that populated the worlds García Márquez created. The author affectionately known as 'Gabo' spent many years in Mexico City, where he died in 2014, but his ashes are interred in Cartagena, Colombia, where he attended college and got his start as a journalist.  'He was a hero to us,' Bono said, 'a hero since our teenage years. Sing for him!' 
During 'Pride' Bono gave a shout out to former Pink Floyd front man David Gilmour. Also mentioned during the two-hour concert were Colombian footballer James Rodríguez (Bayern, Real Madrid, captain of the Colombian national team), artist Fernando Botero, and architect Simon Velez.

In The Press
Review from El Colobiano
'After nine o'clock at night, the turn was finally for Bono and his court, with his new show 'The Joshua Tree' tribute to the 30 years of the publication of this, one of his great albums.
…A show full of legendary songs in the middle of which Bono launched all kinds of messages, where he did not stop naming Gabriel García Márquez, Fernando Vallejo and even James Rodriguez.
But in addition to thanking the patience of the Colombians for so many years waiting for U2 to arrive in the country, throughout the concert were constant messages on reconciliation and the search for a country to stay away from war.
After Sunday Bloody Sunday, the concert was filled with the best of the repertoire of these Irishmen, with a good dose of what Bono called Side B, with good songs that were never released on the world's radio stations….The evening concluded with 'One', at which time the giant screen presented a huge flag of Colombia with the famous dove of peace, which moved many of the audience to El Campin.

Other Noteworthy Stuff
Among the 'luminous icons' of the HERSTORY installation that accompanied 'Ultraviolet' Saturday night were severa local Colombian sheroes including Policarpa Salavarrieta—otherwise known as 'La Pola' she was a spy for the Revolutionary Forces during the Spanish Recoquista of the Viceroyalty of New Granada and eventually executed for high treason; she is considered Colombia's heroine of independence and even appears on Colombian currency. Totó la Momposina (aka Sonia Bazanta Vides) the beloved Afro-Colombian singer, and Olympic jumper Caterine Ibargüen, who won a gold medal at the 2016 Olympics for the triple jump. 'Incredible women,' Bono said. 'Women of courage and conviction who changed the world around them. We love these women.'

Reviews via Facebook and
Marcela González is perhaps Colombia's most devoted U2 fan. Several years ago, with the help of other fans, she started a campaign 'from the ground up' to bring the band to Colombia for the first time. On Saturday night. Marcela's wish came true when the band took to the stage at Bogota's Estadio El Campin just after 9 p.m. local time. Here are a few of Marcela's thoughts after the two hour show concluded:  

'Yesterday was a really great experience, to be with my friends, knowing how many times we spoke about that, see us in our country so many times,'said Marcela, who, through her U2 Colombia Facebook Group compiled more than 3,000 'flash mob packs' distributed on the day of the concert that contained balloons (meant to represent the colors of the Colombian flag at the beginning of the show), glow sticks (for 'Beautiful Day'), and white handkerchiefs (to be waived during 'Bullet the Blue Sky').

'I was happy when I saw the balloons and the handkerchiefs, having a great performance, people was happy, I hope the band like it… because I really wanted to see them happy,' she said. 'They did a lot of beautiful things for us, 'Ultraviolet', was great, amazing to see those beautiful Colombian women in the screen, that beautiful flag at the, and, PAZ, PAZ for Colombia.'

Were you at the show in Bogota? Tell us all about it. Add your own review and photos below.


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    Con una linda niña del Staff: RedZone ru
    En la previa al concierto. =)
    Estuvimos muy contentos en el concierto de u2 en Bogota... Colombian people were very happy at u2's show. On octoner7th 2017...thanks for have come here.. We will wait for u2 until the end of the world... See you next time
    La mejor noche de mi vida
    Estar en el concierto en Bogotá fue lo mejor que me ha pasado en la vida, U2 sin duda es mi banda favorita y ahora que los Vi en vivo quedé con ganas de más, espero con todas las fuerzas de mi corazón verlos de nuevo muy pronto en mi país Colombia que los esperara siempre con los brazos abiertos. Bono,The Edge, Larry, Adam los amo!!
    Colombia wants more of U2
    It was so wonderful to have them in my country, I still have trouble believing that I was so fortunate to witness this incredible concert, U2 is the best group in the world and they are my only passion, I have listened to them and I have identified with their songs since I was 10 years old now after having them live I just feel like more and I know that the same thing happens to all those who were in the concert and all those who wished perl did not stay that's why I hope with all the strength of my heart to have them back in Colombia very soon. Bono, The Edge, Larry, Adam I love them!
    What a great night of excellent music wi
    Por tercera vez vuelvo a asistir a un concierto de la mejor banda de rock, U2!. Después de asistir al Tour Zoo TV en Saint Louis, MO USA en 1992 y del Tour U2 360 en Norman, OK USA; por fin se presentan en Colombia
    Mi Sueño cumplido
    Una eternidad espere este instante por mas de 30 años soñé este momento en mi vida y por fin se dio, el ver maravilloso show. U2 son grandes.
    U2 otra vez lo hicimos
    excelente concierto, fue mi 6 concierto y otros tantos para mis compañeros, pero fue el 1 er para colombia concierto gracias U2
    People leaving Campin
    Beautiful concert, thank you very much U2 for such a beautiful show
    U2 : you fix my spirit
    After several days with my spirit broken and thinking of giving up, the joy of attending the concert, singing at full throttle and jump to the rhythm of "Elevation", have recharged my soul with a new hope. Thanks forever and until next concert in Colombia. The best: Larry doing "heart shape" with his hands
    Thanks for coming, thanks for a beatiful and unforgettable night! It was the best concert in my life! "Cause tonight, we can be as one..." And it was! Thanks a lot!!! Love and peace :)
    What unforgettable Concert!!!
    Thanks U2!!! It really was an "epic night of Rock an Roll"
    U2 grande
    Fuimos en familia, la mejor noche de nuestras vidas y con un super cantante de telonero Noel para nosotros fueron dos super conciertos y apreciando la dispocision del escenario para este gran cantante que otros grupos no dan este tratamiento a los teloneros, U2 gigante su espectáculo fue inolvidable así valió la pena la espera miles de horas soñando y disfrutando su música y llegó el día esperado y Bogotá hermosa con una noche nos acogió, U2 mágico no hay palabras que los describan GRACIAS
    This was the first time I could see you guys play. It was a dream come true to sing Beautiful Day as you played it. Thank you for your encouraging and inspiring words. I hope you will visit our country again soon.
    This was the first time I could see you guys play. It was a dream come true to sing Beautiful Day as you played it. Thank you for your encouraging and inspiring words. I hope you will visit our country again soon.
    Una noche inolvidable
    Hace 30 años, tenía por cumplir mis 16 años y mis padres se habían separado, este álbum lo escuché durante esta transición y es único.
    One Love. Beautiful Day!
    Ver la bandera de Colombia y la paz nos llena de orgullo. Los esperamos de vuelta.
    finally. after many years. U2 in Bogota thanks guys
    U2 in Bogotá! Finally
    Esta vez sonó mejor....tal vez porqué era en mi país y porque pude compartirlo con mi mejor amiga....mi princesa...quién se lo disfrutó al máximo! Espero poder verlos de nuevo #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 #U2 #U2Bogota #U2Colombia
    When Dreams Come True
    After many years hearing U2 concerts, finally I saw them in my Country. Thanks For comming. Peace and Love. The Best Show Ever!! #U2thejoshuatree2017 #Bogotá
    Gracias U2!!
    El mejor espectáculo al que he asistido!! Gracias por incluir a COLOMBIA!! Gracias por los mensajes de paz!! Bienvenidos Siempre!!!
    Bogota 2017
    El Mejor
    Por finnnn
    Espectacular lo mejor de la vida.
    Bogota 2017
    Que buen concierto
    After more than 30 years, we had the privilege to see U2 live in our country, Music is part of our life since the day we are born until our last breath, a great song reminds us of a special person or a special moment frozen in time, and that's what's U2 music it's all about PEACE and LOVE all united as ONE. Thank you for coming to Colombia the memories will last a lifetime. Godspeed to U2 ant his entire crew....
    Thanks for a fantastic night
    Thank you so much for coming to see us. Today our bodies hurt, but we are happy. It was a fantastic night that we'll never forget. Don't forget us. See you soon, we hope.
    what an experience
    They played for two hours, good music, excelent show ... awesome!... Dream come true!!! Seeing U2 perform in Colombia... Thanks U2
    What a nostalgia!!!
    I saw you guys in argentina at 360 tour. But this beautiful night in Bogota was sublime. I discovered a different band, and had the privilege to see the essence of the band that night. For the fanatics was a personal intimate encounter with a band who feels and understand the people of this country. I'm only grateful with you because you gave to this country a moment of happiness and a unforgettable night. I can't wait to see you again here in my beautiful country
    Yellow Butterflies Light up The Sky
    Boy was it perfect. The Band was top notch. Like good old wine. Everything was magical. Thirthy years ago I saw them in Denver while shooting Rattle and Hum. Then 2005 with my wife and Saturday with my wife, daughter and thirteen of my good friends. Incredible!!!! Thank You U2 for being a part of my life.
    A dream come true
    Finally a dream come true. An amazing night sharing with my wife. Thanks U2 for being here and hoping this will not the last one. Love U2.
    Thank you U2
    Wow. Words are not enough to describe what I felt last night. Thank you U2.
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